Three hours in the morning

At last I have done with the first draft of my new book. It’s about programming an Android app with language C. Usually Android apps are written in Java language, but for accelerated graphic for e.g. game programming, one might wish write one in C. My book is not for a sophisticated programming, but for the very basic comprehension of both grammar and concept of C and graphic programming in a mobile environment.

For this work, in these few days my sleeping hours for each day were 4.
I went to bed as usual and woke up 3 hours earlier than usual.
It was a bit tough but very effective. Once I had taken a schedule of 2 hours early working but I could not obtain a certain result for two hours – for example, finishing a whole chapter, a complete explanation of a topic, a solution for a given problem, etc- that always left a unsatisfied feeling on my breakfast table. Adding one hour more enabled to complete most of them, and every little satisfaction pushed me up to further work.

People often say one hour early in the morning is as worthy as gold, but I have found in this way I need at least three hours in the morning, in order to make them worthy.


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