Japanese Education Challenging

When was shocked at the news of the common plan of Japanese Universities to change their school calendar to start in September, keeping Japanese students wait for 6 months after graduating their high schools, I was alone at home.

Then my husband, who had been on a business trip as usual, returned to stay weekend at home.

Today we were on the train bound for downtown. I told him about the news and said that I got much disappointed about the plan, that would be much disadvantageous to Japanese students.

He said to me, “Why not? I think it even necessary that Japanese education body should fit its schedule to those most of the world. Japanese univs should accept more students from other countries. First of all it is absurd that most lectures in Japanese univs are now carried out in Japanese. You say it’s disadvantageous to Japaneses students, but they must overcome it, or they would not at all survive in the future world. ”

“What shall they do in such 6 month between high school and univ is that they should choose themselves. Some will study by themselves to get prepared to univ. education, some will waste their time playing around, some will get extraordinary experiences travelling or working outside. And then enter the univ and what shall they do there, it depends on themselves, too. Some will retrieve 6 month’s behind, some will drop out. If all japanese filtered out from the universities in their own country – you would find Japan had been nothing more than that.”

I understood his suggestion very well. He was right. That would show “Japan should open themselves to the world, ” that I had myself often insisted, but it was I that had been bound to an old enclosed idea.

“Nevertheless, I wonder if the faculty were really thinking so far as that.” he said finally, “They might only want to fix the schedule and collect much fee from foreign students.”

Anyway my regre and anxiety was disappeared in this way. And I confirmed myself again about what I could do for the young japanese coping with such challenge – to write as good documents as possible to support their study. And I was write to be married with such person that could think as above.


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