Hen or Egg

This year I have set myself a slogan: “Don’t leave any minute question unsolved.” If a question occurs me, I will seek the answer by myself, or ask some adequate people.

Recently I have considered again the question I had once tried: Which is the first ancestor, a hen or an egg?

I had been thrown the question at when I was a high school student, as far as I can remember.
It was something like a “Today’s story of the teacher”, where he/she told us as an example of paradoxes or circular reasonings.

At that time I thought the hen was the first.
It would be very difficult to include such a perfect life capsule in a body. So for the first time lives must have been inherited in the form of cell splitting to generate a slightly better half than the original. Then it became gradually possible for a living thing to capsulate a separate life system.

But the above explanation did not answer to the question, where the original single cell had come from.

Now I think, that the first life must have been created, and grown in a closed or half-closed system.
Maybe there was a loaf of very special mixture of materials, which happened to be formed in the chaos, and its surface was hardened into shell, by means of heat, etc. The first life would have been then formed in that shelter.
In this sense the life was originated from an egg. But it happened only once. The first life was not such that could generate an egg within. Instead it created an another life by cell splitting and the things went as I thought before.

So my conclusion is “First something like an egg, then a hen, and then a perfect egg.”


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