Only one wish

(A short story)

One day a man with mysterious appearance visited me and said, “It was good that you saved a spider’s life the other day, so I will realize the only one wish of yours. Tell it to me now.”
“Sir, that spider is my friend, he devours cockroaches in my house. So I don’t think i have done anything to be rewarded.” I said.
“Anyway, it is a fixed fact. Tell your wish to me.”
“Anything I want?”

I was a pessimistic person as for “wishing a certain number of things”, or I have read too many stories by Ray Bradbury, Fredric Brown, Richard Matheson or Shin-ichi Hoshi.
Such kind of wish would often result in an ironic catastrophe. For example, say “May there be no more war in the world”, and the world would be extinguished, leaving “no more war.” Wish some happiness to yourself or someone else, such happiness would be realized based on other’s tragedy.

“What if I wish you to go away?”
“Then I will go someone else and ask him to wish something in replace of you.”

I didn’t want that. What if that innocent person wished “no more something in the world”?

I had to make up some harmful wish. It must be for as limited use, and temporary as possible. And –

“You could not tell a lie. Tell me just you really wish.”
“I know. Don’t talk to me – What if I wish you would n-” No. I must not use a word “never,” or anything that imply a permanent situation.

Then an idea came to me. If it had already included some defect in itself, the result would not be “ironic.”

So I said to him finally, “I wish Windows8 will be released soon.”


2 thoughts on “Only one wish

    • Thanks! There were a chinese and an iranian woman who was awarded as novelists in japanese. I would like to challenge to write stories in foreign language, too.

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