I wear no cosmetics.

I like to meet women/men with fine make-ups. I also like to see colorful cosmetic items arranged in the shop. Just I don’t wear them myself.

There are some reasons, or backgounds for it.
My late father was a dedicated sales manager of a cosmetics company.
He brought home many samples of cosmetics. So I grew up too close to cosmetics to be attracted to them. They were livelyhood of my family.

And I was faced from so early an age of mine with a fact that a make-up would not improve but rather worsen my appearance.
I tried more than a few times to make my face up with cosmetics which were abundant in my house, and got shocked each time by the result in the mirror.

The last trial was when I was a univ student. There was a boy who was proud of having various skills in life. One day he asked me why I wore no cosmetics.

“That’s the fault of a bad skill for make-up” he said against my answer. “Let me help you with it. Luckily I have a set of cosmetics here. I used them yesterday for a costume party with my friend. And I found I would do quite well as a make-up artist.”

Then he treated my face for a while and said with a chilled smile, “Ah…very well. You look invincible. No one would stand on your way when you go on the street.”

There are many ways to express one’s beauty. As for me, it happened not to be cosmetics.


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