Culture Gap

It happened on last Sunday. I was in the store, then some of canned drink took my attention. Better to say, the cans of some drink attracted me. Their colors, green and brown, had a beautiful combination. Especially the two different tones of green. One was metallic, the other was mat, both were not too bright.

It was labelled “enjoy the harmony of coffee and matcha“: Matcha is powdered green tea.

I bought one home.

At first, I took a look at a color of the content. It seemed like usual coffee.

Then I took the first taste.
“It is terrible,” I said in a voice.

I’m not particular about tastes. Except for cucumber and oyster I could eat anything.
My husband often says I am ignorant about tastes. I claim him to call me “tolerant.”

But this was terrible. European and Japanese tastes should be at least in this case kept separated, I thought.
But I drunk it all. I am tolerant about tastes.

I have not yet cast the can. As it is made of steel, I try to collapse it by my left fingers, in order to improve my grip force in playing the guitar. I could only make a slight convex after several tries.

Taking into consideration that nowadays steel cans are made much thin to save metal resources, I should say my grip force is yet very weak.


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