Future Telling

Recently I can see my future.

I can see my future especially when I am writing a long document to publish as a book or a web content, or to submit to the teacher as a homework.

And especially when such work of mine is about to finish, only a few pages of which are left.

And especially when I am being tired, feeling pain in my fingers, and my shoulders are stiffen, and when I’m fond of having a cup of coffee or washing my face, but encouraging myself to finish the whole work at first, telling “Hung on, Noniko(my nickname), you will have a rest soon, only a few pages more, so you can do what you like to do” –

Especially at such time I can suddenly see my future, that I would delete the content what I should not, or overwrite on a wrong file, or the PC would freeze with reason unknown, or the hard disk would suddenly make a hysteric noise and then cease forever.

So I stop writing, make a backup of that 90% work in an external media, wash my face, serve a coffee, and enjoy writing a blog, just as I am doing now.

Even after that such tragedy might fall on me, but I would more willingly accept my destiny, because I have already have a coffee and rest. “Prepare for a disaster with a little reachable happiness.”


2 thoughts on “Future Telling

  1. Sometimes it is good to give the mind a break. The body too. I will tell myself similar things at the gym –do one more set and then you can get a drink, walk to the bathroom, etc. Occasionally I’ll just go get the drink and it never seems to hurt my exercise, maybe even helps a little! :)

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