My Picture

I have long been reluctant to upload my picture to my contents, because I did not like a picture of myself. I had never thought, that any picture caught an exact image which I imagine about myself.

But recently I started to think I should show my clear picture on my blog. Or people might wonder what kind of person should write it. Is it really Japanese? a woman of her age?

But how can I express myself before the lens?
I thought about it a while and came to an idea: Do just what I do usually, whether there were a lens or not.

What I usually do? Hit keys toward a laptop. What feature I make then? – I’m not smiling, nor look straight to something. I’m looking downwards, frowning, with lips pulled shut, supporting my head at my cheek by the left hand.

So I used Photobooth app of my Mac, press the release button and did another work on it while countdown.
3, 2, 1 and the picture was taken…yes, it is me, indeed.

That's me.

I liked it so much. Perhaps it is the first time in my life that I liked a picture of me. So I have changed a picture in my About page to this.

But there is a problem. From this picture I imagine a thoughtful and cautious person, not simply moved. On the other hand, I am really an emotional, forgetful, careless, person, easy to say uncle, weep and get in panic. I have to try to put on character fit to my picture.


4 thoughts on “My Picture

  1. Congratulations for taking a giant leap forward Bibuji. Nice to know you better. Have a great weekend. And, Happy Valentine’s Day. !!!

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