Out of the Blue

Recently I have succeeded to take a close picture of a bird, many of which live in my neighborhood.

As I was going to upload this image here, I found that I had forgotten how to call this species in English.
I only remembered that I had once got the name months ago. At that time I did not mind to look at japanese-english dictionary, and got it without pain. In other words, as it was so easy to get the translation, it was not inscribed in my mind.
Now I have a policy – find a new English word using all that I already have.

Thus I made a search in Google site, for images, using the keywords: bird blue tail black head

But I found no such image that I expected within the list of the result.
There were some for black-headed or blue-tailed or long-tailed birds. there were even creatures other than birds with such properties.

“Is the species so unpopular?” I asked myself.

This species is generally criticized among the Japanese bird watchers that “The figure is beautiful, the voices are dirty.” It often raises a voice like an uncanny alarm casted in the spaceship. This species is often thought as one of the worst two noise makers, the other being bulbuls as seen below.

(quoted from a my own page in a japanese photo-sharing site)

When the two species gathered around your house and started screaming together, you would like to call the police ( There was a person who did that, but their answer was “Please call the zoo” – a funny fiction, maybe).

“Is it because of their notorious voices, that their photos are prevailed by those of long-tailed guppies or blue-tailed lizards?”

Then I had an idea. I knew it was in the same group with crows. So I opened the page in Wikipedia which explained crows, and followed the link for crow-like species, where I found the name Magpie. That was it! I knew the name!
I went further to the page for magpie-like species. To my surprise, there was no name referring blue-tailed magpie. instead I found Azure-Winged Magpie.

What an elegant name (which I had forgotten though)!

I searched images once more with the name I had got again. Then lots of images of them appeared.

“Hey, you are lucky to have such a nice name, so why don’t you try to sing a bit better?” I talked to those pictures.


2 thoughts on “Out of the Blue

    • I’m glad you liked it! I am much inspired by Saki(Hector Hugh Munro) and and Rex Stout as writers. Because English is not my mother language, it’s a big challenge for me to write in a way to make people laugh. Is it cold where you live, too? It was still very cold here yesterday. I don’t like cold and I also long for spring!

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