In English grammer, the matter of article, definite(the) and indefinite(a) is especially difficult, for there are no such concept in Japanese. Japanese doesn’t always distinguish singular and plural noun, either.
We learn “the” is used for something you already know (the girl you told me yesterday), or a specific part of something (theeye of the storm) or only one thing in the world (the sun), etc.

The other day, when I was writing a joke about the play Romeo and Juliet, suddenly a phrase came to my brain:

Romeo and the Juliet

“Sounds like a pop chorus group,” I thought.

Then another idea came to me. “If the name of the soul music group Cool and the Gang were Cool and Gang, it would sound not so cool.”

And another “If the song title Set the world on fire were Set World on fire, it would sound like a Disney’s show event.”

Shortly, the usage of the article “the” might be such. Or?


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