I’m Sorry

Yesterday a very sad thing occurred to me. I am so shocked and confused, that I cannot yet explain, what it happened.
I have to cope with a misfortune that has fallen to me, during which I will not able to write here.
I have to suspend this blog.
But I keep my account here. Next month, I possibly start again. I wish so really.
I have to say a short good-by to everyone.
I’m very sorry.


Tax Reporting

According to the fact there is no more mail from my editor since I sent him the last document required for publishing, and that tomorrow is the day he had said he would send the document to the press factory, there will be nothing more that I have to do with my next publishing. That means I have to start my annual tax reporting, whose deadline is 15. Mar.

In the case of most Japanese, tax is preliminarily discounted from their every income.
Thus employees need not report their income and tax payment, because their employer reports all.
Freelanced workers, like me, also every fee is discounted. I will report the pay out concerned with my work and ask to the tax bureau like “You see, my net income is smaller, so please pay back the excess money collected.” Some might return automatically as “fundamental tax reduction”

In fact my report is very simple. My income is so small, that I have been exonerated from the prefectural and municipal tax these two years. And since I send report via internet, with the system provided by government, which allows the reporter to omit sending certain documents.

However, this year I cannot find some data of my activities. Especially those on last March.
Last March I was not sure if I could continue my work. I had assumed that soon all people in Tokyo area would be driven out, or power consumption would be seriously restricted, etc. I had kept writing a document which I thought might not be published, only for sustaining my mind, and not cared how I had been paid at that time. I might have hidden such financial data, for that seemed me nonsense at that desperate situation.

At last that book, Android programming for beginners, was published and then another one. As I am so much grateful for it, I will not complain about this boring task, making the tax report.


I liked the theme twenty-ten given by wordpress.com team, but I have felt the font a little inconvenient to express technical topics.
Then I found a new theme called twenty-eleven with sans-serif fonts.
When I applied changes the header which I had drawn was deleted.
So I have drawn a new picture for the header.
I spent much time for it. Oooooo.

No more Switch

Google ads are everywhere.
I often visit a japanese weather news site, where there are Google ads on every page.
I admit these ads to appear. They sponsor such sites that we can browse, or even write on what we like freely.
But I seldom pay attention to them, because most of them seem less trustful – not malicious, maybe, but the effects of those items recommended are doubtful. “Your skin will be drastically fresh again,” “Unbelievable! slender legs in 2 weeks!” or “Travel in Scandinavia at incredibly low cost!” etc.

This morning, however, when I checked today’s weather on the news site, My eyes were absorbed at the title of an advertisement.


“Did we need one!?” I asked to that title. I have a habit to talk in voice to everything besides those who are alive.

Soon I figured out that the site I visited was one for weather, which was indeed related to atmospheric pressure, and an honest search system of Google had picked up an ad which contained that word in its title.

But what kind of the switch at all?

My slogan of this year is “No question should be left unanswered”. So I looked at the subtitle to know the detail for the switch that was claimed to be needed no more.

You don’t need a vacuum switch to confirm the atmospheric pressure any more!

“Now I know, there is a thing named vacuum switch and it was needed only to check the atmospheric pressure, and the requirement has annoyed the customers who would see this ad.” I said to myself.

I made a search about vacuum switch. I found that there was a kind of switch named that, in order to shutter the current completely, not a single electron to reach the opposite electrode, by means of getting rid of all the medium inside the switch.
That seemed to me a good idea. But it had not yet explained why and how to “confirm the atmospheric pressure”

At last I asked to my husband, whose occupation includes indeed vacuum engineering, about it.
“Well, I have not seen or heard about such switch in my work,” he said. “That may be used in much lower vacuum than that I deal with. You know, there is such chamber that contain materials to be processed in a different pressure from the atmosphere. In order to take those materials out after the processing, the chamber should not be opened until the pressure inside would be equal to the atmospheric, or a serious shock will be given inside, or the materials will be scattered outside. That switch is possibly to confirm it, namely, it will prevent such chamber to be opened under the difference in pressure.”

I was satisfied to his answer.

Anyway, there might be someone who would see that weather news site and happen to find that no-more-atmospheric-pressure-switch, and think “I need it no more? that might do!” and click the link. And at the site he would have visited he might think “It’s just what I longed for! Woopie!” or “Disappointed! I possibly cannot confirm my atmospheric pressure with it!”
The world is wide. I should say Japan is wide, because the ad was written in Japanese.

Soy Sauce

When I get to the grocery store as usual, there was unusually many customers. They stood in a long queue.

Then someone, likely a shop assistant, called something through the microphone, which was too noisy to understand precisely, but at least I could figure out that it was declaration of a discount service. Then the queue started to move like the Midgard Serpent. But I could not find out where its head was going for, screened by shopping shelves.

Soon the people came back, one by one, with what they got. That was 1-liter PET bottles of soy sauce. Each carried one ore more dark-brown bottles.

The POSs were much crowded with those customers. but, interestingly, the waiting time for each was very short, because most of them had only the soy sauce bottles to be checked out.

I was much impressed at that scene, showing that soy sauce should keep still an important position in japanese daily foods, despite that it is often said their style has been shifted to that of western world.

I came home and told my husband about the peculiar experience above. Then he said,
“It might have been a failure as a sales strategy. The true interest of selling a specific item with a lower price should be that the customers will buy some other things in addition to the discounted one. If, as you told me, nothing more than the discounted items were sold, it means only the seller had left their items with less interest.”

Ah, yes. Maybe the seller had no choice, because march is the end of fiscal year in Japan.


I like coffee.
I sometimes confuse how many letters of f or e should be used to write this word, but I like it.
It was when I was 11 years old, that I was permitted by my parents to drink that matter, the exact ceremony of which I don’t remember though.

To make coffee I usually use instant powders.
Some people likes to grind coffee beans in the mill and get the extract through the filter, with elaborately adjusted temperature of water and the intervals of poring. Those people say the time they take for making coffee itself makes them relax. I respect for those people and like to hear their talk very well, but I myself are too rough-and-ready person to do it.

I even don’t use a spoon to put powders in the cup. I just tilt the glass bottle of coffee powder and tap it on the edge of the cup. Sometimes I make too much powders fall in the cup, but in most cases I know the suitable parameters of the operation(the angle of the bottle or the intense of tapping).

I especially like a brand named “Gold Blend” by NestlĂ©. Until recently I had thought it was a special brand for japanese market, but it was wrong.
I am so insensitive to taste, but I can tell this brand from others – just between the “instant” products, though.

I put cream powders but usually no sugar in the coffee. As for the type of cream I don’t mind.

I once had thought coffee would do harm to stomach, because I often felt pain in it after I drink coffee so much. But later I found I feel similar pain also after coffee without caffeine. Since I quit the former job and started to work at home, I had scarcely felt pain even by more than 4 cups of coffee a day.

But today I felt one. Interestingly, it was not while I was so busy to write, but just after I found my work had almost finished. Anyway, today I will drink no coffee today.