I like coffee.
I sometimes confuse how many letters of f or e should be used to write this word, but I like it.
It was when I was 11 years old, that I was permitted by my parents to drink that matter, the exact ceremony of which I don’t remember though.

To make coffee I usually use instant powders.
Some people likes to grind coffee beans in the mill and get the extract through the filter, with elaborately adjusted temperature of water and the intervals of poring. Those people say the time they take for making coffee itself makes them relax. I respect for those people and like to hear their talk very well, but I myself are too rough-and-ready person to do it.

I even don’t use a spoon to put powders in the cup. I just tilt the glass bottle of coffee powder and tap it on the edge of the cup. Sometimes I make too much powders fall in the cup, but in most cases I know the suitable parameters of the operation(the angle of the bottle or the intense of tapping).

I especially like a brand named “Gold Blend” by NestlĂ©. Until recently I had thought it was a special brand for japanese market, but it was wrong.
I am so insensitive to taste, but I can tell this brand from others – just between the “instant” products, though.

I put cream powders but usually no sugar in the coffee. As for the type of cream I don’t mind.

I once had thought coffee would do harm to stomach, because I often felt pain in it after I drink coffee so much. But later I found I feel similar pain also after coffee without caffeine. Since I quit the former job and started to work at home, I had scarcely felt pain even by more than 4 cups of coffee a day.

But today I felt one. Interestingly, it was not while I was so busy to write, but just after I found my work had almost finished. Anyway, today I will drink no coffee today.


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