No more Switch

Google ads are everywhere.
I often visit a japanese weather news site, where there are Google ads on every page.
I admit these ads to appear. They sponsor such sites that we can browse, or even write on what we like freely.
But I seldom pay attention to them, because most of them seem less trustful – not malicious, maybe, but the effects of those items recommended are doubtful. “Your skin will be drastically fresh again,” “Unbelievable! slender legs in 2 weeks!” or “Travel in Scandinavia at incredibly low cost!” etc.

This morning, however, when I checked today’s weather on the news site, My eyes were absorbed at the title of an advertisement.


“Did we need one!?” I asked to that title. I have a habit to talk in voice to everything besides those who are alive.

Soon I figured out that the site I visited was one for weather, which was indeed related to atmospheric pressure, and an honest search system of Google had picked up an ad which contained that word in its title.

But what kind of the switch at all?

My slogan of this year is “No question should be left unanswered”. So I looked at the subtitle to know the detail for the switch that was claimed to be needed no more.

You don’t need a vacuum switch to confirm the atmospheric pressure any more!

“Now I know, there is a thing named vacuum switch and it was needed only to check the atmospheric pressure, and the requirement has annoyed the customers who would see this ad.” I said to myself.

I made a search about vacuum switch. I found that there was a kind of switch named that, in order to shutter the current completely, not a single electron to reach the opposite electrode, by means of getting rid of all the medium inside the switch.
That seemed to me a good idea. But it had not yet explained why and how to “confirm the atmospheric pressure”

At last I asked to my husband, whose occupation includes indeed vacuum engineering, about it.
“Well, I have not seen or heard about such switch in my work,” he said. “That may be used in much lower vacuum than that I deal with. You know, there is such chamber that contain materials to be processed in a different pressure from the atmosphere. In order to take those materials out after the processing, the chamber should not be opened until the pressure inside would be equal to the atmospheric, or a serious shock will be given inside, or the materials will be scattered outside. That switch is possibly to confirm it, namely, it will prevent such chamber to be opened under the difference in pressure.”

I was satisfied to his answer.

Anyway, there might be someone who would see that weather news site and happen to find that no-more-atmospheric-pressure-switch, and think “I need it no more? that might do!” and click the link. And at the site he would have visited he might think “It’s just what I longed for! Woopie!” or “Disappointed! I possibly cannot confirm my atmospheric pressure with it!”
The world is wide. I should say Japan is wide, because the ad was written in Japanese.


2 thoughts on “No more Switch

  1. Just the other day, I was listening to a radio show about Google ads. Some people were very upset because they felt it was an invasion of privacy, as well as discriminatory, for Google to create a “profile” of ads for what a user might purchase based on their search terms. It was an interesting show!

    • Nice! I think it very good to know how our data sent via internet will be handled. Some ads on the web are interesting, as one I met yesterday, but global speaking there are too many boring ones, that would annoy us.

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