Tax Reporting

According to the fact there is no more mail from my editor since I sent him the last document required for publishing, and that tomorrow is the day he had said he would send the document to the press factory, there will be nothing more that I have to do with my next publishing. That means I have to start my annual tax reporting, whose deadline is 15. Mar.

In the case of most Japanese, tax is preliminarily discounted from their every income.
Thus employees need not report their income and tax payment, because their employer reports all.
Freelanced workers, like me, also every fee is discounted. I will report the pay out concerned with my work and ask to the tax bureau like “You see, my net income is smaller, so please pay back the excess money collected.” Some might return automatically as “fundamental tax reduction”

In fact my report is very simple. My income is so small, that I have been exonerated from the prefectural and municipal tax these two years. And since I send report via internet, with the system provided by government, which allows the reporter to omit sending certain documents.

However, this year I cannot find some data of my activities. Especially those on last March.
Last March I was not sure if I could continue my work. I had assumed that soon all people in Tokyo area would be driven out, or power consumption would be seriously restricted, etc. I had kept writing a document which I thought might not be published, only for sustaining my mind, and not cared how I had been paid at that time. I might have hidden such financial data, for that seemed me nonsense at that desperate situation.

At last that book, Android programming for beginners, was published and then another one. As I am so much grateful for it, I will not complain about this boring task, making the tax report.


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