Moving out of a rent Room

On starting a new life, I decided to move out. I have rent a new room in a neighbor town.

As a matter of fact, I had much hesitated whether I should – or could – move out of the former house, which I had rent for as long as 14 years.
The reason was as follows:

In many system in Japan, on leaving the room which one had rent, he is charged for cleaning the whole room by a professional cleaning agent. It will cost very much sometimes. Some flaws, stain(especially fungi) are ascribed to the neglect of the tenant’s duty to maintain his room well, and he will put an additional charge to clean them.

I confess I was a bad tenant. I was so possessed of pursuing my interest in work and study, that I had neglected cleaning various parts in my house.

In fear of being charged for such additional cleaning, I made the last and intense cleaning in my former rooms, though it would be too late.
On checking out many damages and stains in my house, my fear changed to pity for the rooms, which had let me stay so long. I wished I had taken care of the lovely place more and more. “Sorry, I had hurt you a lot,” I spoke to each window cells, columns, walls, doors, floors, etc.

It was a happy surprise, that later the agent for cleaning came to inspect the house, and he said, “Oh, most of the damages are not on your responsibility, because you had lived here for so long. And they would be easily cleaned by us.” Hence I was charged much less than I had feared of!

I thank the kind agent so much. And also the owner counting on such a kind agent, and would like to apologize him for not keeping his possession better. Of this new room, which have welcomed me, I will take much better care.


2 thoughts on “Moving out of a rent Room

  1. I enjoy reading how you discover lessons and wisdom in every day things. If we can’t learn from or enjoy the very things in our lives and immediate surroundings, than how can we really appreciate our lives and the things in it? That is what your post made me consider and contemplate.

    • Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m afraid I could not master each of lesson in life at once – someday I might make a similar mistake again. But the next time I could, and should, do things a little better.

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