Phone Charge

It would be the world’s rule that a charge for using a mobile phone is higher than a wired. It’s been more than two weeks I live only with a mobile phone, and yet must use it for various announcement or question to offices or agents, in regard to my moving, which kept me always in fear of the higher phone charge.

Yet there is in Japan a specific rule for most telephone services: Only the side which has dialed is charged, and the receiver is not – wired or wireless.

Thus it helped me a lot that many offices agents agents were so busy, that they did not answer to my question or demand soon. “Excuse me, will you wait until we call you back?” – Months ago I would have been frustrated against it, “why don’t they react immediately?” yet recently, “Okay, please!”, because the phone charge would be on their side.

The case of exchanging e-mails between mobile phones is different. Both the sender and the receiver would be charged for data packets which they have communicated with the server. But nowadays there are many policies of the packet service in which you are charged constantly (a little higher though) no matter how much packets you may send and receive.

There would be more reasonable policies for voice communication, too. Every mobile communication carrier provide so many policies for different cases : If you mainly talk on the phone, or use e-mail, or use the phone mainly in the daytime or night, or communicate mainly among family members, friends, etc. etc. Instead of pondering on such polices I decided to wait for my IP phone to be ready.


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