Beautifully Fading

Yesterday we had a much unstable weather. In the morning it was fine. Then the clouds gathered to give rain and then scattered.

In the late afternoon, there was a hard rain. I was working on my computer. I didn’t know when I had drifted off, leaning on the stuck of the unopened package behind…then I came to myself. The rain had gone away and the sky through the wind was blue.

I raised myself to look at the sky better, then I found the rainbow.

I took it as God’s gift cheering up my new life. I started to work again, though I got frequently absorbed at the rainbow. Then it started to fade.

I found the fading rainbow another beautiful scene. Seemed like blue-violet band of light would stay longer. More detail:

The event happened around 4PM. Before the sunset that day of mine was decorated so colorful. Thank God for one of the best day in my life.


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