May is a beautiful season of an early summer. But is is not so exiting for hasty bird watchers. Rare colorful birds, which were so close to us in winter to spring, have migrated away. Cute ones singing lovely stay now only at the high place and much sensitive against people, because they are to bring up chicks.

But pigeons are always close to us. Apparently they might see so common and boring…
But recently I began to watch them more carefully to find anything characteristic and interesting.

In Japan there are two large groups of pigeons.
One is a common species of “rock pigeons”, which wear green and purple tone on grey color.
They usually gather in parks or squares at stations.

They seem to spend most of time walking around to search foods, and picking them up when there are. Yet when they are in a pair they take various behaviors.

Side by side…


When you hear a song like “Coo coo po po…”, it is a pigeon of another species, called turtle pigeons, singing. This species lived originally in the woods, but recently they are in cities, too. They wear an orange tone on grey-blown color.

In the place I lived before, closer to the hills and woods, there were a lot of this species, but here I cannot yet take their close pictures. Maybe they are more sensitive in this larger city. On the other hand, I hear them singing often very close, and it happens sometimes they come just before the window.

(Linked to an image on my japanese page)

It’s interesting that when they stop singing they always stop it at the last “coo.” Namely, “Coo coo po po coo po po coo coo po po coo.” Why they don’t like to stop at “po,” it is my big question.


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