Oh boy, I had been sick in bed since Friday afternoon. On Thursday I had suddenly toothache and went to the dentist. He said it’s rather en excess reaction of the nerve rather than damage of the tooth itself, and took away some neurons around the painful tooth. Then he said he couldn’t remove all neurons at once, because the tooth in question had grown in irregular form. Indeed, a dull pain, as if a tooth had been pulled out, remained in my chin, though it was bearable.

On Friday, I did not write about it here, because it would not be an interesting article which would reveal someone’s disease and pain spending so much space. After posting the blog, I made my room clean. Then I felt pain and fever, and went to bed. And two days has passed.

This morning, my fever was gone and I retrieved the power to get up. The first thing I saw out of the bed was a blue sky and sunshine through the window. It was as if the world had welcomed me back, though the air was quite cold – these days a large block of cold air is staying over this country, and it is much colder in the morning than a usual year. Curiously, the cold air made the sunshine even brighter and the sky clearer.

I sat to my computer to turn it on, then it was the second thing I saw – my hair jumping up and out, like a mad scientist in a cartoon, or a chinese cabbage. It was because I took shower yesterday night and then fell into bed again. I think I would stay at home today, too.


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