Medical Thermometer

 Now I feel quite well! In these three days I did not take a specific medicine, besides some aspirin when my headache was unbearable, but a medical thermometer helped me a lot.

It’s, as you know, only a tool to measure the body temperature. Nevertheless, I was encouraged by the indicated digits – “All right, I have once experienced higher fever, and survived.” “The temperature stays the same, so it isn’t getting worse.” “Thank God, it’s falling”…

By the way, my dear thermometer is a “digital type.” When this type appeared for the first time, people said it was only a toy and its accuracy should be far below conventional mercury type. But in Japanese pharmacy nowadays it is rather difficult to find a mercury type, possibly because the glass and mercury are thought harmful.

I felt inclined to know how a digital type thermometer works. Looking over Wikipedia pages I came to know the change in temperature is measured as that in electric current in the circuit including thermistor, a ceramic semiconductor whose resistance is much sensitive to temperature. For a typical thermistor called NTC(Negative Temperature Coefficient, a type whose resistance decreases with temperature), its resistance will have a tenfold change between 0°C-100°C.

Isn’t it remarkable, that people catch only 1 or 2°C of change in body temperature (as properties in nature are based on absolute temperature, it is indeed 1/273 or 2/273 to the total) by means of electronics?
And wasn’t it miserable, that I had lied, rolled right and left, and groaned “Headache…toothache…” because of so small a change in my body temperature?


2 thoughts on “Medical Thermometer

  1. Sometimes it can be good to have a tool like that just to give you some hope that things will improve, even if it’s only one degree at a time! Happy you are feeling better now. Toothache? Yikes.

    • Though I feel some bad feeling in my bone, upon which my tooth in question is grown, I could sleep quite well last night. Now I put my dear thermometer back in the drawer after saying thanks and good-bye for a while.

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