The desk at which I work, write and do everything I’d like to do on a flat surface, is wooden, but it surface is painted to look like as marble.

Yesterday evening I was at it as usual, under the warm-yellow ceiling light. Then I happened to look down on the desk and found an area with marble-like pattern, from which I figured out a hidden picture.

(An area near to the edge of the table)

It seemed to me like one of Chagall’s, which he might have dubbed as “A man with a cap and his long haired lady” or so.

I liked the picture so much. This morning I looked down on the table for it, but under the white daylight I found no man, but a baby, embraced by a long-haired lady with the same beauty and smile filled with love. The man might be spelled (or blessed?) to be as a baby in the daytime. Or it might express a general attribute of male. I’m looking forward to looking at it again under the yellow light tonight.


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