If you like to learn Linux, I recommend you to install one to a virtual machine to run on Windows or Mac, which might be more friendly to you.

A virtual machine is a software simulating a whole computer. A software so called as a visualization software enables you to create and operate a virtual machine. VMware may be famous, and VirtualBox is my favorite one.

In many cases virtual machine looks running in a small box (window) in the desktop of real OS. It’s good, you can try the new OS in the box without stopping your daily work on your daily OS. On the other hand, both OSs share the CPU and memory of your computer. So in a virtualized OS, operations would be a little “heavier”. Nevertheless, thanks to recent innovation of both hardwares and softwares, you would not feel so much stress if you are to use one virtual machine on your home computer.

Yesterday I installed the VirtualBox software on Windows, with which I made an openSUSE Linux virtual machine running on Windows. That was very easy and the virtual openSUSE worked fine.

Then I wanted to test how VirtualBox for Linux works, but I did not have any free computer to install Linux.

So I did a desperate trial: I installed the VirtualBox on the virtual openSUSE and create a virtual machine of Ubuntu Linux it. Double Virtualization!

Let me talk about the memory resource. the computer had 4GB memory. I gave the virtual openSUSE 1.6GB from it, more than that would limit the performance of the “host” Windows itself. Then from that 1.6GB memory of openSUSE I gave 800MB to the double-virtuallized Ubuntu.

To my surprise, it was successful, though the installation took so long time. At last I saw the double-virtuallized Ubuntu started to open, slowly, struggling, with all its effort, as if through the agony.

“Ganbare! Hold on! Hang on! Don’t give up, I’m on your side!”

I encouraged the poor OS, in turn I was encouraged by it. The shiny wallpaper of Ubuntu in the virtual display on another virtual display looked like the light of hope from heaven.

I could confirm that VirtualBox for Linux work pretty well. And I learned from computer how we could live as a human being. It was an invaluable experience, worthy spending 5 hours for a whole experiment.


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