Heaven’s Arrangement

I’ve been to the dentist. My tooth is now much better. The doctor also said the improvement was faster than he had expected and the remedy would be soon completed.

I remember when I first felt pain in my tooth – rather then the root of it. I refrain from describing the symptom in detail, for it would not be comfortable for everyone to read.
Anyway I went out for the dentist. It was raining hard.
I knew there were two dentist’s offices in a few step’s distance around my house, but very unfortunately both were closed on that day.
So I went further to near the station, and found one open. (Yet there was less than 10 minutes on foot, how blessed this town is!)
The office was at the 4th floor of a small building. Very neat and not crowded at all.
The doctor tried so honestly to find what was wrong with my tooth. Though after the first remedy I had fever, but I think it was caused by many other stresses at the same time. Next week my pain was drastically reduced.

Today, on the way to the dentist for the third remedy, I found there were at least four other dentist’s offices much nearer. I had not been aware of them, when I was walking on the street through the rain with the aching tooth.

Might I as well have found a nearer office at that time? I don’t think so.
I think it was prepared by heaven that I found the office where I go now. We have a word in Japanese to call such coincidence hard to explain: 縁(en).
Hence I’d like to bring this coincidence up to a good relationship.


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