Dam You!

I wondered how to say in English a big water reserver constructed between the mountains, in order to stock drink water, at the same time preventing flood.

In Japan we call it “Da-mu.”

Since it is written in Katakana, to express words originated abroad, I guessed it derived from English or German.

It is my way to learn English, not to use Japanese-English dictionary, but to start within my English vocabulary. If I cannot find a similar word, I simply guess some keywords.

I input a in the google search box d, a, and m. Despite that the input assistant had offered me many phrases for a curse, I could confirm the word “dam” indeed to express that structure.

I thought of those people who works for such beneficial structure, possibly being aurally misunderstood when they talk about their occupation.

By the way, where did this word come from?
I made a quick research and knew it might have been from old Dutch.

I don’t know Dutch, but I can imagine that well, because Netherlands might have various way of construction to prevent flood, due to their Geography.
Indeed there is a German word “damm” which seems to mean an artificial way along the bank.

There are still many words, which we are accustomed to use, not knowing exactly how it has come.


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