Upside Down

The reason of my confusion on trial to explain inverter in the late post is partially caused by the fact “Current runs to the reverse direction against electron flow,” – or “Electron flows to the reverse direction against the current”???

This confusion is caused that the idea of current had been built before electrons were discovered. Long ago someone assumed that some invisible flow runs from a charged material to the ground. Even now it is quite easy to imagine that some shocking flow arose from an old washing machine and it went through my body to the ground!

But the shock given to a later scientist, who discovered that something bright flew from the end point of lower potential to the other of higher potential through the thinned air enclosed in the tube, might have been grater than that.

From that time on, those who think about electricity have been forced always think double ideas at the same time: if the current flows right to left through the wire, it means that electrons runs left to right through it. The ground is indeed not the absorbent of the current, but the source of electrons.

But human being has created such a civilization full of electricity, embracing this confusion. Isn’t it great?

Taking about confusions in the idea of electricity, I am always confused in using the name of electrodes ( two tips of a wire connected to both ends of a battery cell).
Cathode is…oh I did it again…negative electrode and Anode it positive. “Cathode” sounds to me like “Cat!…hode”, lively and positively, while “Anode” sounds like “annnn…no.”, negatively. Thus drawing the first picture I had to correct the description many times.


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