Google Chrome” is now more famous as a Web browser, and there is Chrome OS, too. I also sometimes use the browser.

One day I had a question. Why the logo of Google Chrome show four colors – red, yellow and green blades surrounding a blue circle, instead of shiny metallic silver?

Then I remembered a chemistry class in my schooldays. we made an experiment with some chrome compounds. They were no more metal, but soluble powders(fine crystals). One chrome compound showed bright red color, and other bright yellow.

Yes, an element chrome reacts with oxygen and turn into colorful compounds. We know well, that hard silver iron often turn into dark red flakes, it is because the element iron reacts with oxygen helped by water when aged. That dark read color is called “stain”, but oxidized chrome seem far more colorful.

But, while iron stains don’t have so much danger in chemically sense, those red and yellow chrome compound are quite hazardous. You can’t touch it with bare skin, much less take into the body. Indeed a beautiful appearance doesn’t always mean tenderness in nature…

And what about green and blue? I made a search and found, there is other chrome compounds which show blue-green color! A kind of pigment, so called as viridian, exemplifies that. It would look either green or more blue, under different effects of light.

Aha, Google knows chemistry!

And there was one more thing I have learned. Those green compounds of chrome are so stable and do less harm. Moreover, a trace of this type of chrome compounds are necessary to human body! Chrome element which are naturally contained in foods (some meat, fish, mushrooms etc.) are thus even recommended to take.

Oh, you element chrome, you have so colorful feature both in appearance and in nature. If all of your features were given by a woman, she might dominate all of the world.


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