On Friday I went for a walk, for a longer time than usual. I always rather stay at home with computers or books, but sometimes, something calls me to go outside. On that day it did.

This town, yet new to me, is remarkable, it has many hidden places to visit. I found steps down to the river, at the top of which there was a notice, “Don’t go down in the floody weather.” It was very fine, without any sign of the rain. So I went down.

I came to the narrow pathway along the river. Are we allowed to go along? The city office is quite challenging, not keeping the citizens from such adventurous place!

I went on. Sometimes I had to step over very wet and slippery places. It was lucky the rubber soles of my sneakers kept my feet from being wet.

There was a carp in the river!

And would there be on earth an another stairway to go up?

High above stands a steep wall…

Oh, it must be a ladder, so that one could escape upward, when a flood came!

Could I go up if I could not find a stairway?…No. impossible. I would fall down straight to the river.

I went further and further…

A sparrow is everywhere.

There were far more carp, which went away all at once when I approached to them. They must have been really wild fish, or they would have gathered to me expecting food.

There was a duck. Oh my, he was walking into the river, which revealed the water should be quite shallow!

A Finch was also there.

Oh, there was a staircase to go up! An exit!

…but there was yet a way ahead. I went further.

A pair of ducks resting on the sand…

Then there came a helon! He passed by me. I wish I could have taken him with a better focus!

Maybe induced by the wild flyer, the two ducks also flew away.

A swallow was flying, too.

Then finally there came the dead end – a small but definitive waterfall. It seemed impossible to go through it without wetting.

I returned to the nearest exit and went up. My adventure was over. I really felt like Lara Croft on Tomb Raider. Thank you to stay with this long report.


Stupid of Me

Please let me tell you what a stupid thing I did today.

There was a phone call in my handy phone. The speaker told he’s from a network provider, which I use.
He recommended me several new plans of my mobile network service.
We discussed for some time and agreed with one of them.
He said I can switch to a new plan immediately, if I could prove my ID. And he asked me my name, address, the day I was born, and network password for the provider.

How stupid I am, I answered to them!

Later I got so anxious, if he was really from the provider. I should have suspected he might pretend that to steal my personal informations.

Since his phone number was recorded to my phone, I called the provider with a different number they showed as “Customer Center” in the website.
I asked the operator about the phone number, and the operator confirmed it was one of theirs. What a relief!

Now that I feel more settled, I think maybe I didn’t have to get so anxious. The phone was not from the bank or credit service, merely from the network provider. The operator had already known my name, device and my former service plan. The network password was not a login password, but only to quit, suspend, or change the plan, which would not be so benefit if someone stole it.

Anyway, I should not have told my personal information easily on the phone that I got from somewhere.

Next time it might be “from the bank.” I describe here to keep this lesson in my memory.

In Formal

Japanese businesspeople are very sensitive, whether they wear properly for their business.
“Cool Biz” is a typical example. To wear more simply to forgo air conditioner in summer does not mean to wear casually. They needs something “formal” to wear, instead of the incumbent “business suits.”

This tight leash seems but gradually being loosen, especially in IT business. Possibly because this field of business is under a strong effect of the land of IT-giants, yes, the US (especially California). It is rather important for the workers to show their ability, rather than politeness, which would be more effective to wear what they are accustomed to – like David in the Samuel Book, in which he said “I can’t wear these armor, because I’m not accustomed to it.”

Yesterday I was reading an article about an IT conference, in which I found pictures of two speakers in the key-note speech. It was very interesting to compare the sense, or philosophy, of each, about “proper style to making an official comment.”

This is my sketch (with a simple tablet) for one speaker:

He wears a white shirt in a black suit. Some of his hairs are raised in the air. His tie and collar are slightly loosen.

And the other speaker:

He wears a slightly colored glasses. His hairs was tightly combed, leaving only a bunch of the top, looking consciously raised. His shirt is silver-gray, whose collar is tightened by the tie.

Which do you find more “formal”?

Shoot in the Shiny Sky

I like to look at the Moon in the blue sky. It seems white and shines soft. Perhaps I like it better than shiny moon at night.

It was very fine yesterday. We call it a pause in the rainy season. I went out to the post office.

On my way home, when I was walking in the street, I looked up the blue sky and found there very good things to take a shot.

Human eyes are remarkable. Despite I could see both – no, all of the three objects clearly with my own eyes, I lost the sight through the finder of my compact digital camera.
I hurried, because two of the objects, which were bound together, were quickly approaching to the rest. I pointed the camera up to the sky and took a shot anyway in wide (most zoomed out) mode, in order to take as large area as possible.

I zoomed in, then I lost the sight again!
“Oh no, wait, please don’t go! It must be the best moment now!” I cried out to the sky. I could see at the corner of my right eye a boy across the street looked at me, wondering.

I took the shot anyway. It was a bet – shoot in the dark- no, the shiny sky.

“Ah…it’s gone.”

I came home and examined what I got. Miracle! I had got it.

An airplane was approaching with a long contrail, to the area where I could see the moon. When I could at last catch up with the plane zooming in, it was gone already over the moon and close to the edge. It was lucky.

Exclamation Question

Hello! Thank you for your mail. Your story was much fun! How did you get the idea?

The above message written in English seems to me quite natural – though I’m not sure, if I could write it like native speakers – at least, if I got such message as above in English, I would find there nothing enthusiastic. How about you?

On the other hand, I feel the message in Japanese (meaning the same) below somewhat peculiar.


It is too much usage of exclamation and question marks in Japanese, that is deemed peculiar.
Teenagers would not mind. Or, too much usage of such symbols might make Japanese appear somewhat immature. I would like to write for example:


Maybe in English,

Hello, I’m glad to have your mail. Your story was much fun, indeed. It was admirable, how you got the idea.

In English, the message might seem as cold as ice, without exclamation or question marks…

I’d like to know, how do you feel with such error message?

Installation Aborted!

I really don’t like it. The exclamation mark there seems to me much strong. In Japanese would be worse, because the message blows my nerve more straight:


In advertisement, usage of exclamation marks would not make it trusted:


…or, it will give the impression, as if translated from an advertisement overseas “A wonderful item!”.

Exclamation and question marks are often used in Japanese, too, but in my opinion too much usage would not be appropriate.


In the afternoon I went for a walk. I came to a bridge over a small river.
In the town, where I lived before, there was a bigger river with many birds. In this river along the paved streets and among modern houses, there are scarcely birds swimming. It is a pity.

But it was interesting to see sparrows going around on the bank, on the grass.
The bridge was so high, that they seemed so small. As I found something small moving on the grass, I pointed the lens of my compact digital camera (with x10 zoom) and took a shot in that direction. I did it for many times, chasing the figure moving around.

Later I looked over my photos.

I thought I found it on the branch with dried brown leaves, but…

No, it was mere a figure formed by a leaf or two.

Where I found one In the next picture? Oh, there it was!

Then it came up on the block along the bank, that was clearer to me.

It was the most clear figure of him. A bird or a mouse…or a fish…

So what, that I’m chasing only a sparrow so hot? I’m training myself to react to birds, to hold a camera immediately and point out the lens in the right direction towards the target. Then sometimes I can catch a rarer chance like this:


This was the third Sunday that I went to the church. Today was a special day. One of our people was given the Baptism.
Our church is Baptist’s and the manner of Baptism is immersion. So people had prepared a large pool in the hall. The pool was a plastic and rather industrial one. I mean, it was much like the pool for a fish-farm.

As it was an aged person that was to be baptized, the water was warmed prior to the ceremony. People said, “Good! It’s like an On-sen!”…actually it was not so warm as that.

The priest(I don’t know how Baptists call their priest in English. We always call him Sensei, just as we call a teacher, doctor, lawyer, government officer, artist etc.) wore a white ceremonial robe. The man to be baptized wore a simpler one. He stood in the pool.

The ceremony was very simple. The priest gave a short prayer and asked him if he believe in Jesus. He said yes and cover his nose and mouth by a towel, then laid himself down on his back into the water.

Soon he stood up and all was complete.

People were so quiet. No clapping hands, no crying. After the ceremony we sang a hymn for baptism.

After the meeting, each one celebrated him. I was told “You will be soon with us!”
Yes, I believe I will. Yet I have a lot about Christianity that I cannot really understand. I am waiting to realize them someday. For that day I will read the Bible and think of God, Jesus, Holy Ghost and people more.