WordPress app for Windows 8

The last post of mine is send from the desktop app for Windows8, which I downloaded from “Windows store.” It was so simple, because the app was yet so simple.

Windows 8 is not yet released as a complete product. Its newest preview version was open to download for evaluation only yesterday.
I got it and installed my virtual machine (VirtualBox), lest the cutting-edge OS might not get along with the hardware.

(As I would like to write this post as an enjoyable story, I would not write here technical issues …but one thing I’d like to suggest you, if you have trouble running Win8 Release Preview on VirtualBox, disabling “3D acceleration” setting for the virtual machine might solve it.)

This is the Windows8 desktop. Whole interface looks like a children’s educational application, rather than an operating system.

(Fig1: Windows8 desktop)

In Fig1, the picture(indeed a movie) of Mr.Obama is not for my own hobby, but the thumbnail of a news stream.

(Fig2: Mr. Obama appears on my desktop)

WordPress.com site can be of source seen from the web browser, Internet Explorer 10. But the new desktop of Win8 always provides a single full screen for each page. If you like to switch pages, right click somewhere to show the list of the pages visited and operate on them.

(Fig3: To switch the pages in Internet Exploler 10)

Windows store is an application repository for Win8, like App store for Mac. Since Win8 is still in test, the repository is also experimental, with some free apps. Possibly all apps there would be free, though I have not confirmed…

Fig4 below is an icon, no, is is called a “tile” in Win8 desktop. A tile to enter into Windows store.

(Fig4: To enter into Windows store)

Until the machine confirm the connection with the store, The whole display is occupied with this simple picture. I’m not yet accustomed to it. It seems to me a severe waste of something.

(Fig5: A simple picture occupying the whole display.)

Fig6 is the entrance of Windows store.

(Fig6: The top page of Windows store)

At a first glance it looks like as if this were all list of apps, but scrolling the view left to right (right to left?) more apps in different group come to the view.

In the group “Social” I found the WordPress app.

(Fig7: the “Social” group, including WordPress app)

Just after I installed it, a tile for the app was created on the desktop, as shown in FIg8. I also tested other apps, which are shown as tiles, too.

(Fig8: Several tiles for newly installed apps)

By clicking the tile WordPress apps starts. It is the “Freshly pressed” page.
To sign in the blog requires a delicate work. place the mouse pointer on the right edge, perhaps the right-bottom corner is better, of the display, without clicking. Then the tool icons appears on the right side.

(Fig9: Placing the pointer on the right-bottom corner to show tool icons )

Clicking the icon for preferences (a gear-shaped one on the bottom), The side pain like Fig10 appears.

(Fig9-1: Tool icons. Select the gear-shaped one on the bottom)

(Fig10: Side pain with the sign-in link)

On the sign-in window, you can pick your blog, if you have multiple blogs…seems you could yet pick only one of them.

(Fig11: Sign in then pick one of your blog)

After picking it up…all you can do is to make a quick untitled post in the huge input window, which was how I sent the previous one.

(Fig12: Input your article in a huge white area, with no title…)

It is obvious this WordPress app is also a pre-pre-preview. Along with the completion of the OS this app would be equipped with more tools. Yet again this huge single window is not my taste.


2 thoughts on “WordPress app for Windows 8

  1. Wow, this is a great post for Windows users, as I imagine many will be getting the 8 version within the next year or two. I’m not crazy about how it looks, but maybe it will work better than its appearance? Seems it is trying to imitate the smart phones. Maybe a good idea since so many are using them for internet now.

    • Yes, I agree with you very well, it must be a larger-scaled view of windows phone…It’s a curious world, in the days before people tried to shrink the view of a PC desktop into a tiny phone, but now they are willing to extend a phone’s 3-4 inch view to more than a 20 inch display… I hope this new desktop design will be better in the future, too.

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