Again Coffee

Today I was writing an article on the web all day. It was an additional information for my computer book which I had published years ago. Since softwares are changed in time, my explanation in the old books sometimes goes invalid.
I cannot follow so frequently such changes against my every book. Sometimes a reader writes me that he has trouble with my book. It is for me a good chance to look over my own book once again. I must apologize him that I should have done it before he had a hard time, though…

Anyway today I wrote such a page. It took me for a long time. I always encourage myself telling, “It’s good that I take a long time for explanation, because that means my reader can save the same amount of their time!”
I really wish so it would.

During the work I took some cups of coffee time to time. After the work was done, I took the last cup of it for today. Off course this one tastes best.

I put some powdered milk in it. It makes the taste softer, but not go further to make it sweet. My cup of coffee is not bitter, nor sweet, of nor course salty. The taste is hard to explain with words. Nevertheless its taste goes deep into the tongue, overall the mouth, through the throat, and to the heart. Coffee is a wonder beverage.


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