Flowers with no name

Living like a flower with no name gently blooming at the side of the road…This is what I would like to live like.

On the other hand, these flowers I met today, lively blooming in front of the garage shop, must have had a certain name, but I could not figure out what it was.

At the first glance I thought it was in japanese “da-ri-a,” a big flower of summer. A woman like this flower will be, as far as I imagine, vivid and active like this:

Oh? the flower I imagine is not like what I saw it today.

Ah, there are many kinds of “da-ri-a” and the ones I saw it was called “pon-pon-da-ri-a.”

And how is it called in English?

I made a web search with such words as “daria,” “dalia”, even “darria”? “dallia?” but nothing like a flower was hit.
Then I used “red yellow big flower in the summer” and searched for images.

…it was indeed spelled as DAHLIA.

H! A big trap! And I found this name was for the honor of a botanist named Dahl.

“Pon-pon” is written in English, or rather French, “Pom-pon.” It’s a puffy bunch of soft threads, as cheer leaders use.

“Pom-pon dahlia.” that was what I wanted to say, yeah.

But as soon as I got the name, a doubt came in my mind, that it might not be a dahlia, but what is called in Japanese “Marie Gold.”

Marie Gold…For that flower I imagine a tough and cool woman with a shiny appearance, like:

But later I found the name of what I thought was Marigold, not Marie Gold.

There are so many Japanese words which only badly imitate the sound of English, which always push me down into confusion.


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