It was raining all day. Not so heavy, but continuously. The rainy season has begun.

Our reaction to this season is often strange. Very few would yell “Now it is! Yahoo!.”
“Ah, it is…at last.” would be the comment in general.”It’s an annoying season to go out…”
“Humid…” “fungus…” “foods go bad…” “Washed close will not be dried…”

On the other hand, if there’s little rain, we get anxious about water shortage in the summer.
We also say often, “We don’t have to prepare for the heat in a hurry…we would use long sleeved shirts in the rainy season.” “I will do that new work after this rainy season is over.”

Hence people here has been along with this characteristic season, hating and loving, through the history.

“Draw a picture of June.”

To this question, the answer of most of us will be:

Hydrangea in the rain…and on the leaf of it will be a snail.

Once there was a news, that in a restaurant a dish was served in June, on which a leaf of hydrangea was added as a decoration, in order to “produce a feeling of the season.” Then some guests ate it and got sick. Fortunately they got better soon.
The commenters say that leaves of hydrangea is toxic and one should not have served them on the dish.

This news had an impact, invoking a national question:

“What about snails!?”

Because most of has a strong impression, perhaps “printed in DNA,” that snails like to be on hydrangea leaves. It was natural for us think it because snails eat them.
But the commenters’ common answer was:

“Snails don’t eat hydrangea leaves. the former are only occasionally upon the latter, because in rainy season both species appear a lot, and the possibility of their contact increases.”

That incident could have been called as a “culture shock,” between people(Japanese) and snails.


2 thoughts on “Rainy

  1. lol, it made me giggle to read about the people being shocked at the snails not eating the plants they like to hang out on! :) On the other hand, I can imagine it was not very good when people got sick from eating a garnish! I’m not very crazy about rain, so a rainy season wouldn’t be something I would look forward to. Enjoyed your drawing! :)

    • Indeed it was pity for them. Perhaps they loved too much to feel the season…”Hydrangea and snail” was so fixed a picture in our brain, I, and perhaps many others, had thought, just as I heard the news, that snails might have some magical power to quench poison.

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