My First Day

Today was a special day for me. I went to the church for a prayer. It was for the first time in my life.

Recently I have come to think so much about my heart and mind. And, I felt more sympathy with the idea of Christianity, than Buddhism, although the latter is the main religion and dominating tradition in my fatherland.
What I seek for is the light shining onto my heart, content keeping my heart warm, and someone telling me to be with me. Possibly Buddhism and all other religion would give ones, but I found in the Bible many words expressing exactly what I had longed for.

I have a volume of the Bible. It was given by a friend of mine long time ago. I have taken a look at the contents little by little for many times, but this time I read it through from the Old to the New Testament.

There is a Baptists church in my neighborhood. As a matter of fact, I had been hesitated until this morning, though I knew every Sunday morning a prayer meeting was held there. At last I phoned there ( The phone number was shown in the web page). “Hello, can I come to your meeting today, without any appointment?” “Of course!” so I left home with my old Bible.

It was rather surprising, that there were about 30 people in the meeting, because I had assumed there are very few christians in Japan.
They were all friendly. Of course I talked with many people. I went there to communicate with them.

We prayed, sang, and listened to the priest’s lecture. He told it was important to listen to the exact words of God, not modified by emotion. He also told, people are different only in their characters when they listen to God’s words together, no master, no servant, no teacher, no student.

Though there was not so big an impact that would turn my world upside down, as I went there, but I believe it was good for me to be there. I would like to go there the next week, too.


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