Today the name “Tablet” is used to explain tablet computers like iPad. On the other hand there is devices called as “graphic tablet”, drawing board connected to computers.
One moves the associated pen on the board to draw lines in a painting soft.

Today I found a small tablet, which I had bought years ago, at the bottom of the cabinet. I bought it because it was sold in a bargain. I remember it was sold at less than 1000 yen (10 dollars)

It’s more like a mouse pad.

Indeed a thin rubber sheet.

But it has an USB connector. It’s an ordinary smaller-size connector.

It was lucky, I had not lost the pen for it.

This tablet is really named “Mousepad Tablet”, that can be used also as a tablet, a product of a Japanese maker Princeton Technology.

I connected it to my MacBook(OSX Lion), but it didn’t work.
So, get the driver! – I went to the page above. The maker provided the driver for Mac, too. How nice!

After installing the driver, but it didn’t work either….when I moved the pen, I found the mouse pointer on the display moved very slightly, only once.


I turned the body of the pen for several times and it was detached. Yes, it was battery-driven!

What a simple architecture….yes, it costed so small.

Setting a new battery, it worked!
Tt is not so comfortable. But who cares? It costed so small!

I like to draw with a mouse, too, but this simple, compact. low-cost tablet will do much, when I would like to draw a little finer picture in a hurry.


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