Today I had to send a FAX. I could use Seven-eleven’s service, but I had a printer with fax modem. Only I had not prepared it to work since I moved here. This huge heavy device had always let me down from working on it.

But it was a chance for the effort. There had been two main reason, having kept me away from using it as FAX:

1. I was not sure, if my IP phone modem could handle FAX data, too.
2. there was no cable long enough to connect the printer with the modem, which are separated diagonally across the room, namely, in the longest distance that were possible in my room.

However, my room is so small, that 10m cable were quite enough. A 3m cable might be set tight. 5m?…critical, if the cable must go around or over something. Yes, 10m would be better.
I went to the nearest PC shop, but, to my disappointment, there were only packages of 1,5 and 20m models sold there. I wondered much, but finally bought the 20m.

This is it.

I should show that it is not a bunch of soba, but has a connector at each end.

The IP modem had two sockets for phone data! It was nice, I didn’t have to replace the phone’s connection with fax’s.

On the other hand, I wonder why the sockets of this printer so hideously equipped. I had to shift the whole device so as to push my head in between the back panel and the wall, moreover the labels were so small…
I had a good idea. Take a snapshot of the socket in question. With a flash.

It was marked “1-LINE, 2-EXIT.” The socket 1 was found to be for use.

And the cable! How come the manufacturer packed it in so tangled loops? every loop was crossed with another. The cable with excess length tended more to pull the modem down, because the tangled mass got to be an weight. I took about 30 minutes to loose all.

20 minutes has passed, but still some left tangled…

The FAX itself was successful. The receiver called me on the phone, he had got it.
I said “Glad to hear that! But I’m sorry this FAX connection would not be kept idle, or it would consume too much electricity, neither would I like to have my room full of loops”

After the session I took another long time to roll back the cable. This time I made larger loops, so that they would be more easily loosen. It was not a preparation of the printer, but only of the cable, I should say.


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