French Revolution

Yesterday I was busy – you might say I had rather pretty of time. Because I was occupied with a trivial matter, to make such a graph with MS-Excel.

It’s a timeline using a series of affairs in French Revolution, in the 18th century – ah- yes. as the years 19XX were in the 20th century, the years 17xx were in the 18th.

The reason I used this historical event as an example was, the revolution was so drastic, that the affairs occurred month by month. Namely, the items were not only in a function of year, but of month, too.

If we input data of date in Excel, it will express them in a form of year and month.

It would be too complicated. I wanted to hide the description of the year, which would be added as separate textboxes…

There was another problem. Computer can treat, in general, date as numerical data only from a day around 1900(updated in June 17, 2012). The data in 1790’s were to old to calculate. So I input data in the spreadsheet all with extra 200 years – 1989 instead of 1789, etc. If French people looked at my crazy spreadsheet, they might fall down.

The purpose of the attempt was to learn various operations for Excel graph through solving various trivial problems. But I was not satisfied in my findings. I wanted to find easier ways, with less manual works.
Artistic works like painting or drawing would need elaborate and tenacious accumulation of small manual tasks even on a computer. On the contrary, calculative or analytical works must find as easy way as possible. Yesterday I wanted the latter.

By the way it was interesting to learn again about French Revolution – though I should imagine agony and bloodshed through the event – the progress of changes one after another made me excited.

Moreover was it to learn how to say each affair in English. For example, I learned such a long name as The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen should correspond to a simple four-kanji word of 人権宣言 in Japanese. Ah…the strokes of such kanji as 権 might be complicated, though. Of course I can write those kanjis with my own hand.

Oh! No!

Indeed “word processors perish the ability to write…” Beware, beware.

It would be more interesting to learn the French history in French. I wish I had more time in my life to learn… Yes, I know, time is to spare by myself. I need more effort.


2 thoughts on “French Revolution

  1. It’s always fun to learn about something through something else, if that makes sense! I’m not much of a history person. I stay pretty close to the moment; it has its advantages and disadvantages, I suppose. I just feel like I don’t have enough time to learn about NOW, let alone yesterday! But you managed to learn something about now and something about history simultaneously, which is really neat! :)

    • As a matter of fact, I’m not fond of modern history, either…because I should feel it so close, I have sometimes fear for many conflicts between people, nation. Affairs in century ago is not realistic – appearance, business, politics – so it seems to me like novels. Nevertheless, I rule myself not to enjoy too much those affairs as novels. I should keep in mind that every historical affairs includes life and death of a mass of individuals.

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