Science, Technology, Mind and Behavior

I like science, respect for technology. On the other hand, I think of man’s mind. Which is important?

Recently I have came to an idea – science is, at last, made by man’s mind. Science belongs to mind.

Then science could be denied in the name of man’s mind?

If science is denied, mind is also. If some thought would be denied in the name of mind, it would be anything but science.

Science – quest for the truth of nature. If there is an error, one tries to find what was really wrong, in order not to do the same error.
Mind – quest for the truth of happiness. If there is a sin, one tries to find what was really wrong, in order not to have the same sin.

What are the both quests for? Simply for the joy of discovery. “Eureka!” is a cry of a pure rejoice. Rejoice turns into thankfulness.

Science and Mind never conflict each other. If there seems to be a conflict, one or both of the two would have an error, or a sin.

Then technology?
Then my idea is – it’s wrong to compare technology and man’s mind.
Because technology is a set of applications of science.
Then what is the one for man’s mind? – it’s behavior.
Technology are to be compared to man’s behavior.

And both are complicated so much – a bad behavior is sometimes created by a group of innocent behaviors. a hazardous technology is sometimes created by a group of innocent technologies.

Both might be caused by sins of human being.

My decision is – technology, as well as man’s behavior, could be sometimes denied in the name of man’s mind.

I feel so happy and relieved to get to these ideas. Based on these beliefs of mine, I will learn science and technology, and think of man’s mind and behavior through the rest of my life.


8 thoughts on “Science, Technology, Mind and Behavior

    • Thank you. I’d like to keep such a cycle: Get new knowledge…enjoy it…and look it back. I was wondering whether there are any technology to be abandoned or not, recently I made up my mind to answer yes there are.

  1. Hi Bibuji, I came by your comment via Zendictives Blog..
    And I was Intrigued by your comment upon technology and Im so happy to have come by to read this post.
    I believe that Man creates with his thinking… Thoughts Create.. So we have created technology, and all that entails.. I have nothing against Technology without it my day would be taken up with many more tasks which Modern labour saving devices taken out the Labour and burdens such as washing machines.. Cookers, Fires Heating, and I wouldn’t be typing here to you without Technology..
    But I often ask myself as Man progresses with all of these tools at his disposal. Just how far has he really progressed.. And I have to say for the most part not far.. I say this for He puts his Material Possessions first before People.. We live today in a world where we care more for our gadgets than we do for People and nature..
    We have Put men on the Moon, and yet we do not know what new species we have still to discover within the heart of our jungles. And many such species we destroy as we cut them down all in the name of progress..
    We have to learn how to balance both worlds.. Something I think we have fallen short of.. We Need to also embrace Nature and our Earth and Each Other… or Science and Technology will not be able to mend what we have broken… For our Earth Mother is also a living Breathing Organism. And Technology via the thoughts of man is Destroying Her..

    Thank you for your thoughts …. and excuse the long comment… ~Peace~ Sue Dreamwalker

    • Hello, thank you for your comment. I’m glad to know your thought with much love for nature and tolerance of men.
      First I wondered “How could man keep from committing the same mistake?” – the answer I got was “To make as clear as possible, what was really wrong!” – and then found “Oh, it’s the same process of science! – or science have the same process of the thought of human life, indeed, because science is developed by man’s thought.” and I could think up various analogy between science, technology and man’s life. But your post has told me one defect of my thought – I didn’t think about a great nature, which embraces all mankind. Nature, man and science. From now on I’d like to think about this triangle. Thanks a lot!

      • You are very welcome Bibuji, and I thank you for your support of my Blog.. You will find me absent for days at a time as I work long days and also look after my granddaughter on my days off work.. Busy busy we women are as you too Know..Sacred Geometry, you will understand with your knowledge of Numbers just how Maths plays an important role in ALL of Nature and the Universe..
        With the Fibonacci sequence of numbers that repeat in every thing… You only have to look within a flower .. This video shows what I mean perfectly..
        Wishing you a Great Day.. :-) Sue Dreamwalker ~ Sue

        But yes we are all of us One.. And if you have looked in

      • Thank you for the Video…yes, I am often surprised at a geometrical regularity of Nature…Fractal. Some people try to prove that we cannot predict the weather for a long time…Sometimes it seems to me that technology might be too more appreciated than science. Oh, maybe the difference is: science makes us ponder. technology gives us methods to succeed even without thinking so much…though people “creating” technology in Laboratories always think and try so much to overcome the difficulty.
        You had a busy days? I wish you could take a good rest. Good night….

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