This was the third Sunday that I went to the church. Today was a special day. One of our people was given the Baptism.
Our church is Baptist’s and the manner of Baptism is immersion. So people had prepared a large pool in the hall. The pool was a plastic and rather industrial one. I mean, it was much like the pool for a fish-farm.

As it was an aged person that was to be baptized, the water was warmed prior to the ceremony. People said, “Good! It’s like an On-sen!”…actually it was not so warm as that.

The priest(I don’t know how Baptists call their priest in English. We always call him Sensei, just as we call a teacher, doctor, lawyer, government officer, artist etc.) wore a white ceremonial robe. The man to be baptized wore a simpler one. He stood in the pool.

The ceremony was very simple. The priest gave a short prayer and asked him if he believe in Jesus. He said yes and cover his nose and mouth by a towel, then laid himself down on his back into the water.

Soon he stood up and all was complete.

People were so quiet. No clapping hands, no crying. After the ceremony we sang a hymn for baptism.

After the meeting, each one celebrated him. I was told “You will be soon with us!”
Yes, I believe I will. Yet I have a lot about Christianity that I cannot really understand. I am waiting to realize them someday. For that day I will read the Bible and think of God, Jesus, Holy Ghost and people more.


4 thoughts on “Baptism

  1. What spiritual or religious practice is the most common in Japan? My mother was Catholic, so I was baptized at birth. As always, enjoyed the illustrations. Did you use the pad to do them?

    • In Japan Shintoism and Buddhism are fused each other and make our various traditions. But we all like Christmas. Recently Halloween has become a new entertainment. Also St.Valentine’s day is a great event of romance…
      I am much interested in people, who live with religion since they were born. But I believe, a person could select by himself in his life, whether he believes in God or not. There are some, who were baptized at birth and then deny God as they grow up. Others come to believe in God as they grow up. Off course, people can keep their belief, that they have since they are small.
      These pictures I drew with my mouse. Recently I have less trouble in it.

      • Haha! Halloween is a fun one! :) I do not practice Catholicism or any form of organized religion, but I wouldn’t say I “deny” the idea of God. To me, it is just not anthropomorphic or “human-like.” I would say it’s not very singular to me, either.

      • I see. I’m now interested in Christianity so much. I hope I could feel something different from usual, in this Christmas.

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