Shoot in the Shiny Sky

I like to look at the Moon in the blue sky. It seems white and shines soft. Perhaps I like it better than shiny moon at night.

It was very fine yesterday. We call it a pause in the rainy season. I went out to the post office.

On my way home, when I was walking in the street, I looked up the blue sky and found there very good things to take a shot.

Human eyes are remarkable. Despite I could see both – no, all of the three objects clearly with my own eyes, I lost the sight through the finder of my compact digital camera.
I hurried, because two of the objects, which were bound together, were quickly approaching to the rest. I pointed the camera up to the sky and took a shot anyway in wide (most zoomed out) mode, in order to take as large area as possible.

I zoomed in, then I lost the sight again!
“Oh no, wait, please don’t go! It must be the best moment now!” I cried out to the sky. I could see at the corner of my right eye a boy across the street looked at me, wondering.

I took the shot anyway. It was a bet – shoot in the dark- no, the shiny sky.

“Ah…it’s gone.”

I came home and examined what I got. Miracle! I had got it.

An airplane was approaching with a long contrail, to the area where I could see the moon. When I could at last catch up with the plane zooming in, it was gone already over the moon and close to the edge. It was lucky.


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