In Formal

Japanese businesspeople are very sensitive, whether they wear properly for their business.
“Cool Biz” is a typical example. To wear more simply to forgo air conditioner in summer does not mean to wear casually. They needs something “formal” to wear, instead of the incumbent “business suits.”

This tight leash seems but gradually being loosen, especially in IT business. Possibly because this field of business is under a strong effect of the land of IT-giants, yes, the US (especially California). It is rather important for the workers to show their ability, rather than politeness, which would be more effective to wear what they are accustomed to – like David in the Samuel Book, in which he said “I can’t wear these armor, because I’m not accustomed to it.”

Yesterday I was reading an article about an IT conference, in which I found pictures of two speakers in the key-note speech. It was very interesting to compare the sense, or philosophy, of each, about “proper style to making an official comment.”

This is my sketch (with a simple tablet) for one speaker:

He wears a white shirt in a black suit. Some of his hairs are raised in the air. His tie and collar are slightly loosen.

And the other speaker:

He wears a slightly colored glasses. His hairs was tightly combed, leaving only a bunch of the top, looking consciously raised. His shirt is silver-gray, whose collar is tightened by the tie.

Which do you find more “formal”?


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