Stupid of Me

Please let me tell you what a stupid thing I did today.

There was a phone call in my handy phone. The speaker told he’s from a network provider, which I use.
He recommended me several new plans of my mobile network service.
We discussed for some time and agreed with one of them.
He said I can switch to a new plan immediately, if I could prove my ID. And he asked me my name, address, the day I was born, and network password for the provider.

How stupid I am, I answered to them!

Later I got so anxious, if he was really from the provider. I should have suspected he might pretend that to steal my personal informations.

Since his phone number was recorded to my phone, I called the provider with a different number they showed as “Customer Center” in the website.
I asked the operator about the phone number, and the operator confirmed it was one of theirs. What a relief!

Now that I feel more settled, I think maybe I didn’t have to get so anxious. The phone was not from the bank or credit service, merely from the network provider. The operator had already known my name, device and my former service plan. The network password was not a login password, but only to quit, suspend, or change the plan, which would not be so benefit if someone stole it.

Anyway, I should not have told my personal information easily on the phone that I got from somewhere.

Next time it might be “from the bank.” I describe here to keep this lesson in my memory.


2 thoughts on “Stupid of Me

    • Thank you! I had a good lesson that I would be so easily trapped if I took myself as if I were a clever one. I should recognize, I could make mistake anytime.

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