On Friday I went for a walk, for a longer time than usual. I always rather stay at home with computers or books, but sometimes, something calls me to go outside. On that day it did.

This town, yet new to me, is remarkable, it has many hidden places to visit. I found steps down to the river, at the top of which there was a notice, “Don’t go down in the floody weather.” It was very fine, without any sign of the rain. So I went down.

I came to the narrow pathway along the river. Are we allowed to go along? The city office is quite challenging, not keeping the citizens from such adventurous place!

I went on. Sometimes I had to step over very wet and slippery places. It was lucky the rubber soles of my sneakers kept my feet from being wet.

There was a carp in the river!

And would there be on earth an another stairway to go up?

High above stands a steep wall…

Oh, it must be a ladder, so that one could escape upward, when a flood came!

Could I go up if I could not find a stairway?…No. impossible. I would fall down straight to the river.

I went further and further…

A sparrow is everywhere.

There were far more carp, which went away all at once when I approached to them. They must have been really wild fish, or they would have gathered to me expecting food.

There was a duck. Oh my, he was walking into the river, which revealed the water should be quite shallow!

A Finch was also there.

Oh, there was a staircase to go up! An exit!

…but there was yet a way ahead. I went further.

A pair of ducks resting on the sand…

Then there came a helon! He passed by me. I wish I could have taken him with a better focus!

Maybe induced by the wild flyer, the two ducks also flew away.

A swallow was flying, too.

Then finally there came the dead end – a small but definitive waterfall. It seemed impossible to go through it without wetting.

I returned to the nearest exit and went up. My adventure was over. I really felt like Lara Croft on Tomb Raider. Thank you to stay with this long report.


8 thoughts on “Adventure!

  1. Whoa, you walked for a long time on that narrow path! I would’ve been nervous after a while. Enjoyed your journey and the carp and birds you saw along the way. Was the rope for people to climb up? You did a nice job narrating this post too–kept me reading until the end, as I was waiting for the staircase. Where did you finally exit? the ladder?! That looked dangerous!

    • I got back a bit and went up on another steps I had found. Yeah, I was so thrilled walking on the path…though the river was shallow, if I had dropped into it, I would have walked home with wet trousers and shoes, that must have been a shame!…Next time I will wear my rubber boots.

  2. Loved your adventure Bibuji, and all the wild life you spotted along your journey.. Wonderful picture and story telling ..
    I would imagine in the rainy season these over-spills fill up quiet quickly with water in the storms..
    It would seem The UK has got its own Rainy Season Bibuji as we seem to have had none stop rain throughout the month of June.. In fact they have just declared it the Wettest June on record in 100 yrs of record keeping.. and no let up in sight for July..
    But then I think of all those places wishing for water in drought areas and think I would sooner have water than no water at all..
    Blessings sent you way.. ~Sue

    • You have a rainy season, too! So we can share the feeling in this season. Yes, we always have such conversation, “It’s annoying to have rain every day!” “But for this season, though, we would be soon short of water.” “Ah, indeed…” Soon we would have a beautiful Summer, both in my country and yours!

  3. Really nice your blog, you are a pritty good observer ;-)

    If found your blog by reading this Reply of yours on another blog and wanted to correct your spelling. (i´m german)

    bibuji schreibt:
    02/07/2012 um 10:08 nachmittags

    Es freut mich, du auf meinem Blog besucht hast! Weil ich eine Japanerin und habe noch nicht in Deutschland gewesen. Ich möchte sehr Deutsch lernen!
    ——— in perfekt german words
    Es freut mich, DAS du (—) mein Blog besucht hast! Weil ich eine Japanerin BIN und (—-) noch nicht in Deutschland gewesen BIN. Ich möchte sehr GERNE Deutsch lernen!

    Your German is pretty good, it´s understandable. The Words that are written BIG, are those you should add for a smooth conversation ;-)
    keep on trying.

    • Oh, thank you! You help me so much!
      I love German people so much. I have my German blog in, where German friends correct my German, too.
      I’m glad if you have a chance to drop there in.
      Have a nice day!

      Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe!
      Ich liebe euch, deutschen Leute, sehr. Ich schreibe ein Blog auf Deutsch, auf die obige URL, welche sie mir viel Hinweise geben.
      Es wird mich freuen, wenn du einmal da besucht.
      Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag!

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