A Man in the “Uniform”

Recently I wake up at 4:30 AM and go for a jogging.
There are very few traffic or passengers on the street in that hour of the day.
The sky is yet obscure, though I can clearly see the things around me.

I often meet with the same man coming along the street, with a broom and a dustpan.
I guess he is going for , or back from, cleaning the street. Anyway it’s nice of him.
Since when we first met, we greet each other. He gives me a full smile.

I guess he is so young as in his 20’s.
He is dressed always in the same way – somewhat traditional.
He wraps around his head fully with a broad hairband, covering all his hair under it. His shirt looks like an upper part of Kimono, and the trousers are loose between the belt and the cuffs. All the clothes are died in japanese Indigo.
I should not forget to remark his traditional sandals.

It’s a style quite familiar to us: A working wear for monks, or cooks in japanese restaurant, especially ramen shops.

I don’t see any temples nearby, but lots of ramen shops, which are open from the afternoon through the night until the early morning. So it’s more likely he wears the uniform of one of the ramen shops. Anyway I appreciate his devotion to the town. I’m looking forward to the day we meet with one of the ramen shops – or the temples.


The Time when the Cool Wind blew

It was hot yesterday, as usual in this season.
In the evening, however, the wind blew time to time into my room from the window, each time of which I could not help saying “Oooo”, “Cool”, “Wooow”

Then I remembered the world “in the cool of the day…” in the Bible.
This phrase is translated in my Japanese Edition, as “The time of a day when the cool wind blew.”
When I read the phrase, I guessed the time to be in the late afternoon. And it was just the time as I enjoyed the cool wind yesterday.

The phrase in the Bible tells the story, Adam and Eve hid themselves behind the trees, not to be found by God, as they had tasted the forbidden fruits.
How horrified and miserable they felt, although it they were under such a nice and cool weather…

So today I drew such a scene.
This time the “Layer” system and “alpha(transparency” effect of the paint soft (Pixelmator for Mac) helped me a lot.

First, I devided the canvas, in the form of a vertically long rectangle, into two, with a band of green dots with irregular width, in order to express an array of the trees – or bushes.
Then located two human figures, for Adam and Eve, on the left area. They are both crouching hopelessly. I colored Adam in brown, because he was made of the soil. And gave her a reddish color, the reason of which I don’t know myself well…maybe a color of blood?

Then God came walking on the right area along the bush array…
I liked to draw Him shining in gold. But painting Him yellow all over seemed me too shapeless, rather like the Holy Ghost. I wanted to draw Him as a definite existence, which might have let the couple so horrified.

At last I painted His figure in full black, and painted the area around him in transparent yellow with blurring brush.
On the other hand, I painted grayish over Adam and Eve, in order to cast them a shadow.

What about the serpent which seduced the men?
I located it to watch the incident from the high, from which he were soon to be brought down.

I felt like making him to wear a red aura, I didn’t know why, either.

Then my drawing was complete.

Please don’t take my picture should be childish. I would be glad, however, if you take it to be as simple as a child.

People say Autumn is the season for art. In my case, it is Midsummer.

John the Baptist

It’s so hot every day. In the daytime the temperature in my room goes up over 32°C, in spite of which I write the draught of my next book.

Though it is my pleasure to write blogs in the evening, after such a hard daytime I get pretty wasted and no idea to write here comes up to me.
So I draw.

As I’m attracted deeper in the world of the Bible, it makes me happy and peaceful to draw people described there.
This time I drew John the Baptist.

I like him so much, because he doesn’t seem to me so radical as he looked like.
Though he told such as “The evils are thrown into the fire,” he told to a tax taker “Don’t take more than needed,” and to a soldier “be content with what you should be paid,” which should be quite reasonable also in this modern world.
I heard somewhere he liked to play with sparrows. Though it might be my wrong memory, I think it would go very well with his character.

So I started to draw a picture that John was talking with sparrows in the field.

It’s difficult for me, who have been accustomed only to drawing young ladies and handsome boys, to draw an adult man. The one of David’s, that I drew the last time, was yet easier, because he was crouching and mostly covered with clothing. This time I was to draw John as he stood wearing a camel-furred cloth and a leather belt, a rod with one hand. I did not like to draw him with fairy-like limbs and fragile shoulders.

So I drew a whole body for him, planning to erase much part of it on making him dressed.

Well, the rod seems too long.

Then the camel-furred clothing. It might be better to make him loosely dressed, especially at around his shoulders. And the lines drown under the cloth should be erased.

Oh, the belt! So the cloth around his waist should be more tightened.

The belt might be more than a double-loop. Of source it should not be so tight as a dancer.

Oh, the knot!

Good, the figure was completed. Then the hair. Don’t cover his forehead with it, or he might look like a rock star.

Oh, the knot!

Well, still like a rockstar…
Don’t mind. it is not because that he looks like a rockstar, but that many rockstars are following his style.

Anyway, give him the colors, and the beard.

It needed much concentration to draw the face into it. I was glad I could give him a smile.
Whom was he smiling and raising a hand? To sparrows!

Mmmm, it’s lacking in something to look like a man of wilderness…
I got it! his skins were too smooth!

Then it was completed.

The later process of drawing I was a bit hasty, though.


After the victory against Goliath, the story of David went on.
Then he was no more a pretty boy. He had grown up to be the brave king, a macho adult man, with beard all over his face.

He slew other people, took the wife from one of his staff, or sit on the pride of the dictator.
On the other hand he had a time to get down on his knees in front of God and pray.

So I drew such a scene that he prays.

I imagined him wearing simple clothes, a veil on his head and with bear feet.

It was inspired from the episode, that he went along an ascent on the mountain as a fugitive, then a man chased him cursing, throwing stones at him. But he accepted the curse as the result of his sins in the past.

There might be a time that we think as if we were quite unjustly, unreasonably hurt by a malicious one, while we were innocent. But looking back carefully in our past, we might remember we had hurt someone, which could now have returned to ourselves. Then all that we could is just wait for the present difficulty to go by praying.

I imagined such a situation for David, and liked to cast a light onto him.
As the color of the light, I selected pink. I liked to set the light warm and giving him love rather than glory.


In the Bible, king David is so attractively described. He was chosen by God in his very youth, grew up to be a great leader of Israel. Then he sometimes committed sins and was punished by God, but later regret and was forgiven, showing how difficult for a man to live keeping faith and promises.

I came to like drawing David’s picture.
First, the young David, when he took care of his father’s sheep and defeated the giant Goliath.
How was he look like?

How was he dressed?
I think he was given really simple clothes. Maybe it was just a cloth bag with three holes for the neck and the arms.

As he was just a little boy, he might be so skinny, and the bag must have been loose for him.

How was his hairstyle?
I think he had his hair long, namely, not often being cared. He might have just bundled them.
And maybe he wrapped around the waist with a rope, so that the clothe would fit him more.

How was his appearance?
This was a question. He was described to be a pretty and lively boy.

First I imagined was a boy with clear eyebrows and honest big eyes, tightened lips.

Or more sensitive, like a girl?

Or braver, like a hero in anime?

I adopted the first inspiration of mine.(to be continued.)


Last Sunday, there was a guest in our church. She was the musical leader of a church in another town. She was a singer and a piano player.

In the morning, we huddled around the desk, reading bible, when a curtain was closed to divide the room in half. In the space beyond the curtain were to be spared for her to prepare for singing in our meeting afterwards.

Soon her voice, accompanied by the piano, was heard.
I was surprised then that it was so strange a voice.
The voice sounded like “AEEEEE AEEEE,” distorted and dull, like a frog, a duck, or even a drunken woman. Then it turned uglier, as if she were suffocated.

However, as it was repeated on and on, her voice got gradually refined and retrieved the order.
At last we could hear very clear and graceful soprano through the curtain. Reading the Bible? oh, it was much encouraged by the heavenly voice.

And her singing in the meeting later was beautiful. I was much impressed to find that the peak of the beauty should be constructed from plain basics.

Finding out the Rainbow

I like to see the sun shining softly behind the cloud.
In some condition, I feel like seeing spectrum in the cloud around the sun.
I think it possible, because clouds are composed of fine particles of water or ice. They reflect the sunlight and in a certain condition they might work as a whole like a prism.

I checked the photos I took these three months and surprised myself how many scenes of the sun in cloudy days I had taken. I might be a maniac.

May 9. Don’t you see some iridescent area around the sun?

June 11. The cloud around the Sun was too dark, but outside of it seemed slightly colored.

June 17. Though the pattern of the clouds were beautiful, but the sun was too bright.

July 5. I could see some violet, though very slightly, too, layer, at some distance around the sun.

And today, July 23, I was very lucky to found a piece of the rainbow in the cloudy sky.

Thus cloudy skies are really indicative. Life might be more interesting, too, with some clouds over the sun, than under the simple bright blue sky.