Word to HTML

I’m writing another book. I write the draft in MS-Word template.
Often I would like to write more than the planned volume. So I write the excess documents in HTML form to upload on my website.

Often I hope, I could write all the documents in Word template, and convert some to HTML form.
But the resultant HTML, from Word, is so dirty, with so much ornamental markups.

This is the example. I wrote a simple sentence in Word 2011 for Mac.

In this example I wrote “My name is Bibuji. I write blogs on WordPress,” in which “Bibuji” and “WordPress” are written in alphabets.

Let’s save this Word document as a Web page.

Oh! Word didn’t offer the extension “.html.” It claimed to save the file with “.htm,” which seems now rather strange…

By the way, to show all file extensions in Mac, select “Preferences…” in “Finder” menu.

In “General” window you can select “Show all file extensions.”

Thus I created an HTML page “hello.htm.” Let’s open it with Safari web browser.

Really a simple page!

Then how is the source code written? Let’s open this file with a text browser.

Thus I created an HTML page “hello.htm.” Let’s open it with Safari web browser.

What is that!?

There is more code, automatically written by MS-Word…



Where is “my” description!?…there it was at last!

This complicated markups were because I mixed Japanese and alphabet, which were marked to be rendered with different fonts.

It was miserable, that I inserted the Japanese symbol “。” between “Bibuji” and “WordPress.”

For the document is converted in such a complicated manner, I always write HTML markups manually, like this:

How simple! Yet the appearance in a web browser is much the same…


Sorry, I made a mistake. Although I marked the document as “UTF-8” encoding, I saved the file as “Mac Japanese” encoding…Dealing with Japanese is so complicated like this.

Setting the encoding to “UTF-8” explicitly…

Then it was rendered correctly.

Then I found a option in Word, on converting the file to HTML. “Save only the rendering information.”

It seemed that the default option was to convert all information as Word document into HTML – though I never know what kind of information on earth it was. With the latter option, the resultant markups got to be much simpler.

Yet more complicated than to write manually, though…

By the way, how our WordPress blogs are marked up? To look at that, select from the browser’s menu to “Show source code.” For Safari, it is located at “View” menu.

My Blog also had a complicated header. So may it well, because it provides such a nice appearance.

But the content itself was marked up so simply. I think it’s a very good template.

Anyway, the fact was confirmed, that I should write my HTML documents from the scratch.


6 thoughts on “Word to HTML

  1. Wow Bibuji, you are very clever … I am not Computer literate at all.. I taught myself in 2007 and I learnt by my mistakes, as I just clicked this and that to see what happened..
    I use Word to write my posts and then put them on Windows Live Writer to post them as I can use different fonts from there. As WordPress hasn’t many fonts to choose from..
    While I some times copy my old posts by clicking the copy and paste buttons in HTML format. I wouldn’t have a clue how to go about formulating my own in HTML…
    So I am very Impressed with your skill.. :-)
    ~Sue :-)

    • Oh, I think your method using Live Writer is a very good idea! I had not found it. So your website has such beautiful fonts…I’m much interested in what is happening in the computer. But as for my website, it looks very poor! Since I use so much energy to make up English sentences, I always give up in arranging the layout…

  2. I’m impressed by your skill too. I just type mine into the “New Post” box. I have yet to put Office Mac on my system. It’s been sitting in a box for a month. Maybe I’ll do it today. You’ve inspired me to be productive! :)

    • I’m much inspired with your photo skill, too! MS Office is sometimes super and sometimes dull, but in total it helps me well, I think…As for writing HTML, I have tried a few more writer softs, but they produced too much markups, too. So I still write my webpages manually.

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