“Dakara”, in Japanese, means in English “Then” or “Thus.”

It is sometimes used for a strong meaning, not only to insist one’s opinion, but also to denounce the other for lack of understanding. Like below:

I knew that, THUS I said so, BUT YOU DIDN’T UNDERSTAND.

When one use the word deliberately in the above sense, he would say like “DAAKAARAA.”

But even when it is sounded normally, its frequent usage might make people nervous.

I suppose, the usage of the word “dakara” would similar to “Listen,” in English.
If someone tells you like “Listen, I think…listen, do you know…listen, that is….,” you would like to cry to him, “Listen, Don’t you think I have always been listening to you!?”, wouldn’t you?

I also think, the pronunciation of “DA” and “KA” are both harsh, which might make the impression of this word worse.

What annoys me is, I’m apt to use this word many times, unconsciously.
Recently, when I was discussing with a friend of mine, he said to me, “Will you stop to say to me DAKARA again and again? it hurts me much,” which hurt me on the contrary, because I never intended to hurt him.

At last we understood each other and now we keep to be good friends. But through this shocking experience, I made up my mind to be more careful, not to say “dakara.”

Thus (dakara,) I have to seek another word to replace it with, when I start to speak.
What shall I say? “Tsumari” sounds better, meaning “namely, ” or “I mean…”
Of course, it’s just a workaround. Tsumari, the best way is not to use a same word again and again, when I start to speak.


2 thoughts on “Dakara…

    • It’s sad my tongue will move faster than my heart. I found the reason. Talking in a hurry is expecting the response in a hurry. Maybe, a convenient response. I have learned in the Bible, God is always between me and others. If I remembered that, I could keep myself being so hasty.

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