Speakerphone Mystery

I was in a handy phone store, where I heard a customer said to the shop assistant, that his phone often behaved odd.

“Every time I answer to this, the voice of the caller starts to sound loud. It’s annoying,” he said.

That took my attention. What on earth the strange trouble came from? Wrong wiring within hardware, or bug on the software?

It seemed neither the shop assistant could understand the phenomenon. He begged the customer to explain more about it.

I kept myself from watching them directly, because they are too close to me and I thought it impolite to watch at them directly. Instead I just set my ears pointed to the conversation.
That was even more interesting to me to build up an image of the phenomenon only from the talking voices.

“Whenever the handy rings, I push THIS to answer to it, then the loud voice comes from it.”
“Ah…it is not the button to answer, but the one to start the speaker.”
“No, I don’t mean THIS…oh…it’s too close to THAT.”
“I’m afraid you might often press THIS instead of THAT.”
“Maybe you are right. I often press the button in such a hurry, that I press the wrong button. ”
“I’m sorry, the arrangement of the buttons on this model is somewhat confusing.”

So it was a trouble not on the hardware or the software, but the usability. I thought it be serious enough to be fixed. I wished that the customer’s precious information would be announced to the maker by the shop, in order to improve their products and services.


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