Finding out the Rainbow

I like to see the sun shining softly behind the cloud.
In some condition, I feel like seeing spectrum in the cloud around the sun.
I think it possible, because clouds are composed of fine particles of water or ice. They reflect the sunlight and in a certain condition they might work as a whole like a prism.

I checked the photos I took these three months and surprised myself how many scenes of the sun in cloudy days I had taken. I might be a maniac.

May 9. Don’t you see some iridescent area around the sun?

June 11. The cloud around the Sun was too dark, but outside of it seemed slightly colored.

June 17. Though the pattern of the clouds were beautiful, but the sun was too bright.

July 5. I could see some violet, though very slightly, too, layer, at some distance around the sun.

And today, July 23, I was very lucky to found a piece of the rainbow in the cloudy sky.

Thus cloudy skies are really indicative. Life might be more interesting, too, with some clouds over the sun, than under the simple bright blue sky.


4 thoughts on “Finding out the Rainbow

    • Flying on the cloud is remarkable…the cloud below looks like a huge cushion. Flying through the cloud is really strange, it is white everywhere

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