Last Sunday, there was a guest in our church. She was the musical leader of a church in another town. She was a singer and a piano player.

In the morning, we huddled around the desk, reading bible, when a curtain was closed to divide the room in half. In the space beyond the curtain were to be spared for her to prepare for singing in our meeting afterwards.

Soon her voice, accompanied by the piano, was heard.
I was surprised then that it was so strange a voice.
The voice sounded like “AEEEEE AEEEE,” distorted and dull, like a frog, a duck, or even a drunken woman. Then it turned uglier, as if she were suffocated.

However, as it was repeated on and on, her voice got gradually refined and retrieved the order.
At last we could hear very clear and graceful soprano through the curtain. Reading the Bible? oh, it was much encouraged by the heavenly voice.

And her singing in the meeting later was beautiful. I was much impressed to find that the peak of the beauty should be constructed from plain basics.


4 thoughts on “Architecture

  1. What a beautiful story. I really enjoyed it. If more people would listen when God speaks I believe there would be a lot more architecture produced from our basics. Lovely Blog!

    • Thank you! I have just started to learn the Bible and think about what the true belief is. Mine is still ambiguous, but I will never leave from under God’s love.

  2. Gods love is all around us Bibuji in everything.. even a frogs croak! ;-) The title of your post intrigued me, ‘Architecture’ … like a fine building, it all begins with digging out the foundations.. We all need to start with the basics.. and it begins with Love.. Loving each other and all God’s Creatures..
    Blessings ~Sue

    • Glad you gave a resonance to my selection of the title!…Yes, I thought the way of our singer as if she were building a fine architecture of her vocal. At last she accomplished it!

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