In the Bible, king David is so attractively described. He was chosen by God in his very youth, grew up to be a great leader of Israel. Then he sometimes committed sins and was punished by God, but later regret and was forgiven, showing how difficult for a man to live keeping faith and promises.

I came to like drawing David’s picture.
First, the young David, when he took care of his father’s sheep and defeated the giant Goliath.
How was he look like?

How was he dressed?
I think he was given really simple clothes. Maybe it was just a cloth bag with three holes for the neck and the arms.

As he was just a little boy, he might be so skinny, and the bag must have been loose for him.

How was his hairstyle?
I think he had his hair long, namely, not often being cared. He might have just bundled them.
And maybe he wrapped around the waist with a rope, so that the clothe would fit him more.

How was his appearance?
This was a question. He was described to be a pretty and lively boy.

First I imagined was a boy with clear eyebrows and honest big eyes, tightened lips.

Or more sensitive, like a girl?

Or braver, like a hero in anime?

I adopted the first inspiration of mine.(to be continued.)


7 thoughts on “David(1)

    • Glad you enjoyed my drawings!…This is the convenience of digital drawing, I guess…modify in many way from the original version…for an amateur like me, whom it is difficult to create many versions manually.

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