After the victory against Goliath, the story of David went on.
Then he was no more a pretty boy. He had grown up to be the brave king, a macho adult man, with beard all over his face.

He slew other people, took the wife from one of his staff, or sit on the pride of the dictator.
On the other hand he had a time to get down on his knees in front of God and pray.

So I drew such a scene that he prays.

I imagined him wearing simple clothes, a veil on his head and with bear feet.

It was inspired from the episode, that he went along an ascent on the mountain as a fugitive, then a man chased him cursing, throwing stones at him. But he accepted the curse as the result of his sins in the past.

There might be a time that we think as if we were quite unjustly, unreasonably hurt by a malicious one, while we were innocent. But looking back carefully in our past, we might remember we had hurt someone, which could now have returned to ourselves. Then all that we could is just wait for the present difficulty to go by praying.

I imagined such a situation for David, and liked to cast a light onto him.
As the color of the light, I selected pink. I liked to set the light warm and giving him love rather than glory.


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