Ladies in the Sky

August is ending. Though the sunshine is still so strong and the air is heated in the daytime, the climate is surely changing.

Especially the coulds in the sky. In the daytime they form large heaps, but aroud the sunset they turn into fine threads, which make various forms.

One day I looked up at the sky in the sunset, and found there a lady in pink, wearing a drese with light cloth:

The other day I found in the sky another lady dancing:

If you meet the ladies in the sky, you have to take their picture as soon as possible, or they will change their form soon.


A Big Business

I have been busy in learning how to make a DVD, which runs in DVD player, rather than a computer. It was for me a bit difficult, because I myself don’t have one.

Using a computer it is much easier to handle movies in DVD. You can handle each movie file, like “” or “mymovie.mp4”, by picking its icon on the display by the mouse, to read from or write onto the DVD media, just as on a hard disk.

But for a DVD player, which in most cases is connected to a television monitor, the media must be played automatically as the media is inserted to it. To make a DVD available to as many types of the player as possible, movie data should be saved on it in the standard format called DVD-Video.

Which software can produce such type of DVD? How much data can it contain? What about the quality of the movie?…I spent a lot of time to learn about it.

Let me tell you about the reason. The church, to which I go every Sunday morning and Wednesday night recently, will meet its 20th anniversary in May next year. The people in the church have a plan to make a memorial movie, which is to be saved in DVDs.

They think such DVD should be available for DVD players, for not all people would use computers to play movies (it’s remarkable they think most people have DVD players at home, but it would be true.)

And I have started to help them.

It was an incredible story. Last month I told them I could publish my book, which I could not have done without the help of God and the church. It was natural they asked what kind of book I wrote, and as I explained it they cried, “Oh, so you could help us process our DVD!”

I am very happy I could find the best way to devote for the church – for God.
Indeed, God is my customer and His blessing would be the return. What a big joyful business!

Much more it was a happy surprise, that they told me, that it was God’s arrangement that He brought me to them, who had longed for someone with a knowledge on computers.

It was I that had thought it His arrangement to have located the people to accept me there…

Although we have yet plenty of time until the next May, I cannot be too punctual.

On Saturday I went to the store of electric devices and found most of recent TVs sold had the aspect ratio 16:9 instead of 4:3, which meant I might well prepare the movie in that form. As they liked to make a slide show from the pictures they had taken, I made a calculation to know how many pictures could be contained in a disk. I would have to consider the quality of the movies and the slide shows, because the DVD-Video format restrict the resolution of the contents so much. It’s also a good opportunity for me to get much knowledge for digital media.

Cicada Song

In the summer appears many cicadas.
They stay on the tree and sing loud. It’s surprising that cicadas really sing, making the sound resonant within their body. Their way of making sound is thus different from crickets, who do that by rubbing their wings.

It seems like, cicadas are not skilled in flying. They often hit themselves to the wall or such obstacles and fall down. I feel sorry for them, thinking of many structure of our civilization standing in their ways.

I often find them lying down on their back, as one below. It is not dead.

It might be fainted or just waiting for a chance to turn over, reserving its energy.

When I find one in this way, I put a finger close to its legs. So it holds my finger. Then I raise it up.

Then I swing my finger, so it flies away. In this way I make them fly again twice or three times a day.

One day I found a cicada lying down on my balcony, close to the flowerpots. I picked it up and place it on a little bush.

It slowly walked to the top of the bush (the photo was taken throuth a mesh window cell to avoid mosquitoes)

And it flew away.

This morning I heard a sound like something scraches on the concrete floor outside. I could catch the sound, because I had left my door a little open for ventilation. When I went there to confirm the sound, there was a visitor.

I thought it came to greet me. It would be sweet, if it were one of them I had rescued. I did not go so far to invite it in my room, I give him a greeting back. A few minutes later it was gone somewhere.

Wish cikadas enjoy their short life as much as they could.

The Prophet

In the Bible there are books written by many prophets. Among whom I like especially Isaiah, who made beautiful remarks. Though he told God’s punishment and people’s distinction, he also sang joy for Messiah and salvation of People.

I liked to draw a picture of Isaiah, but I had no idea how he looked.
Generally prophets are said to have wild appearances, half naked with uncombed hair, walking around the wilderness. I have already drawn John the Baptist, whom I poured all my idea for a prophet. I wanted to draw Isaiah in a different way.

Today an evening I got a good hint. I went to take photos of the sky in the sunset as usual. I took some photos of a big cloud colored in the twilight.

Later I checked my photo and found it looked like a human face, with wooly hair and tightened lips.

Inspired by the figure I drew another prophet.

Indeed I have no evidence that it is Isaiah and not Elijah or other. Anyway, the cloud made me a great suggestion: look around myself carefully, so I could find many ideas on how to draw people, whose real appearance I don’t know.

The Question is a Question

Look at the weed below.

Every fine hair of every bunch of at the top of every stem is basking in the light.
In this way, God gives the light to everyone. He gives his mercy to everyone…

That is what I cannot tell you, nor to myself.
I have a big question.

If He gives his mercy to a bunch of weeds, why there are so many people in the world dying in misery?
Why so many people in Tohoku were sworn away to the Tsunami?
Can I say they should have died because they had not believed in God? No, I can’t!

So shall I stop trusting in God and take everything as just a random incident?
I shall not, either.
Because I have a strong confidence that I have been saved for many times in the difficulties which had occurred recently. And I have found in the Bible many words which give the light and warmth in my heart.

Yes, God has an infinitive mercy.
So I will not hide my question before him.
It would be a big lie of me against Him, if I told Him, “No, I have no question to you. I don’t care whether other people are dying. Perhaps you have some reason for that.”
He must have a reason. I must know that. The question is a question, which shall not mean loss of belief.

But it will be yet difficult to me.
Think about Job in the Bible. Such a good servant of God could not know what God had planned unless He Himself told to him.
Then Job said, “Before I had only heard of you. Now I have found you with my eyes.”

I must find Him like Job. In order to that I must think more and more about Him, pray to Him, read the Bible, talk and listen to people in and out of the Church. And wait for God to answer to my big question. Possibly it would be a faint voice among big noises in the chaos, as the prophet Elijah had heard. I have to keep my ears always keen.

Or – I expect Jesus might bring me the answer.
I have got to know even a humble like me has been saved because Jesus wiped my sins away. So might he not wipe my inner conflict away, too? But I don’t know him yet so much. I must.

It was the early morning of today, that I came to the conclusion that I keep questioning to God through Jesus.

It was early morning as I was thinking all about that. I happened to look at the window, which was still covered with the curtain. The morning light came through the thin space through it and I saw a rainbow at the ceiling, which encouraged me so much.

The question of mine made me interested in the Apostle Paul.
He preached foreigner, yes, like me, during which he rose many question about God, Christ and belief, and gave every answer by himself. A miracle which had once occurred to him supported his belief.
His situation and thought would be understandable to me. Now I’m reading his letters repeatedly.

Draw the Lines

These day I have drawn many pictures based on the Bible’s stories. I like it very much, but I like to write about my experiences in programming, too.

Yet these days I had nothing special to write about it, which means my work went very well.
“Thank God” – I don’t know whether I could use this word in pure meaning, or it should be ironically used. In your world of christianity, the existence of God and Jesus would be so fundamental in your lives, so there might be various meanings to call Them. So I use my own word to thank God: “Kamisama Arigatou Gozaimasu, my work had been zu well to write something here.”

Today I had indeed a difficulty to understand a block of a source code which were provided by Google Android development team in the development kit.

It was like this: the reason the image is a bit too small is that I don’t intend to write in detail about the source (the code is from in Android SDK sample).

This block was so complicated, because it included many of a peculiar pattern, like:

x = y == z? v:w;

It means, if y equals z, x is assigned with the value v, otherwise with the value w.
In the above block this pattern was used iterated, cascaded, or in many ways. For example:

if ( ( x != null? y:0 ) == z)

It’s meaning is dependent on whether x is null or not null.
In the case x is not null, it means “if( y == z )”.
In the case x is null, it means “if( 0 == z )”.

Well, I might wrote wrong, because such expressions were so complicated, and now I am quite tired after struggling with them.

The block contained in this way so many “if” sentences, which meant if some part of the sentences was used, some of the other part became completely unused. If those unused part were hidden, the whole block would be easier to understand.

So I took the method below:

(1) I took a screenshot of the source code in the editor, as I show the one above.
(2) Opened it in a painting software.
(3) Magnified it larger.
(4) Using a colored brush, drew lines on unused part of the block, corresponding to each case:

In some case,

or other,

Thus I managed to understand the whole block.

I drew those lines manually, using the mouse. What I liked to say today’s post is: it was an analog way which was more effective for my study on computer. Yes, it was quite analog, except that an LED display was used instead of paper.


Today’s drawing of mine is based on one of my favorite episode in the Gospels.

An immigrant woman begged Jesus to heal her daughter sick in bed. Yet Jesus refused it, because he wanted to heal the native people at first. So he said, “It isn’t good to take bread from the children and cast it to a puppy.”

Then the woman answered, “But a puppy could catch breadcrumbs falling down from the children’s table.”

Jesus praised her answer and healed her daughter.

I like Jesus and his Father God because they are gentle to women, and they listen to the people carefully, through which they even change their mind.

I drew in my picture the cured daughter as she don’t yet understand what happened to her, because she was alone in the bedroom, when Jesus healed her.
She holds a puppy in her arm. It isn’t written in the Bible she had one, but I suppose so, or her mother could not answer to him with so precise description of the puppy’s behavior.

It is just 2 months since I have come to believe in God. I should keep it in my mind that I am another puppy.